Anyone ever try velour earpads with Portapro drivers in a circum-aural headphone enclosure? And if you did try them, how 'ya like them as far as SQ is concerned?
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Jan 15, 2012
Since I tried my first successful headphone mod, swapping Portapro drivers into a UR40 enclosure to great success, mainly to have a pair of headphones that stays comfortable to wear for long periods of time again, I kinda wanna try velour earpads on these things, mainly as the stock leatherette earpads need replacing. Badly. I mean the foam is ready to come out of the right earpad for cryin' out loud, and I'm curious if anyone else has done that mod and what success they've had as far as SQ goes and whatnot. Also, considering painting the enclosure black because for some reason, I'm not too crazy about the stock silver color.

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