anyone ever tried Zalman Headphone Amp ZM-RSA?
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New Head-Fier
Mar 5, 2013
Hi guys, I don't own a headphone amp and have been considering to buy one from FiiO (not yet decided but I guess my budget allows E6 to E11) for my Creative Aurvana Live!.  Actually, I haven't thought of getting an amp until the need was created after reading the posts from head-fi community.  Recently, I found this Zalman Headphone Amp ZM-RSA on a clearance sale in my local store (around US$15) which is like half of E6's price. 
I googled but didn't found any useful review or comment (although I found a lot of bad reviews on its headphone, I won't draw the same conclusion on its product)
I am not really an audiophile and use my CAL! mostly for gaming and occasionally for movies and music.
I don't need my amp to be portable and I will just use it at home so it is not my concern at all.  
Therefore, I am wondering if any of you guys have actually tried this product (tested on headphones other than Zalman's 5.1 headphone) and can give me an idea on its performance. Thanks!

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