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Anyone else waiting for a "Successor" to a favorite headphone?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Jan 9, 2014.
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  1. BRSxIgnition
    I've been thinking about this for a little while and I've decided to see if anyone else is the same...
    Are any of you waiting for a "Successor" to any of your previous favorite headphones? 
    I've tried out quite a few headphones since my first favorites, the Audio Technica ATH-M50's - but I've never found something with quite the sound signature / design combo that I've been looking for. Therefore, I've almost completely resigned myself to waiting for Audio Technica to update/refresh the M50 line-up, or maybe simply create a new flagship "ATH-M60."
    Am I waiting for something that won't happen? Should I "move on"? 
    How about you guys, any headphones you'd love to see updated or made better? 
  2. viralcow
    A non limited version of the W3000ANV. Aka the W5000X.
    I know the W5000 gets so much crap here but seriously it was one of the few headphones that wow'ed me on my favorite songs/recordings. The W3000ANV was just as impressive (though more polite sounding), but twice as expensive.
    Also the W5000 has been climbing in price ever since I sold mine two years ago. I bought mine used for $400, when new pairs were around $650-700. Now new pairs are more around $800-900. I mean, I love the W5000 but I won't pay $900 for them.
    That and maybe a HD700 without the peaky treble.
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  3. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Everyone hears differently I guess. I thought the W5k sounds like I was in a cave.

    I'd like to see more AT woodies.
  4. kimvictor
    Successor to UERM... wonder how it will be.
  5. thegunner100

    Same. There's the PRM, but it's not quite the succesor.
  6. BRSxIgnition
    I'm - in all honestly - very depressed over Audio Technica's announcements at CES 2014. I guess I can only hope they update their studio monitors and serious headphones like the ATH-M50 and others later down the road..
    Ahh.. Just imagining a sleek, sexy, updated ATH-M60 gets me excited. Audio Technica seems the be one of the only main manufacturers to not be getting into the high-end semi-portable market.. Which is a shame. I want to see a Momentum/K500/etc killer.
  7. bizkid
    I didnt like the W3000ANV as much as i loved the W5000 so i hope the successor of the W5000 won't have too many similarities. Soundstage, imaging and vocal presentation was another league compared to the W3000ANV in my opinion. I'd actually prefer they go another route and release something fresh, a W6000 or something similar. I also wouldn't mind a mass market L3000 variant without the leather.
  8. justnvc
    I'm waiting to upgrade from a HD598 that doesn't come in beige, just a HD598 in dark grey / black would do me fine!
  9. BillsonChang007
    I don't want a successor on my favorite headphone because if there's one, I will have to skip lunch :frowning2:
  10. kimvictor
    Hmm. I also want sony to improve on their dynamic line. I feel like they messed up the new hybrids. They could definitely improve on their EX1000 and MDR7550.
  11. Kdavis71
    Sony MDR-MA1000 anyone?
  12. JHern
    Um...have you heard about the ATH-ES10, ATH-ESW11LTD, etc.? In the ears of some listeners, some of the very best portables ever to grace the Earth, and definitely in a higher league sound quality-wise than the Momentum.
    Personally, I'm eager to see what else AT produces in the portable line-up using their high-end 53mm drivers...
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  13. Magdumper
    Meh, I tested all the ath portables and imho only goid price/performance one is the ES-700
  14. viralcow
    That's the thing with Audio-Technica. They're never cost-competitive, but still they manage to be so alluring...
  15. the wizard of oz

    Agreed. They might be preparing a W8000 or W9000, and beat the generally recognized reference closed headphones, the Fostex TH900 in SQ, with a W5000 design or better (don't like the W3000ANV or W1000X designs so much) & a new iteration of the handy W5000 travel case.

    Mmh, yes, some none LTD ESW11 for instance would be interesting...
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