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Anybody watching Rubicon on AMC?

  1. Happy Camper
    8pm (et)
    Season premiere. Watched the one hour show from the end of Breaking Bad. Looks like another winning show.
  2. momomo6789 Contributor
    watched it months ago i fell asleep.
  3. Happy Camper
    A thinking show. Being new, they have to set the environment, characters, plots, etc. that makes it hard to follow on a first show. The two hour event gave some clarification to questions you wondered about just seeing the first show. I look forward to another good AMC series.
  4. boomana
    I'm not a big tv fan, and hadn't turned it on since the end of hockey season.  Just happened to be procrastinating from doing work on Sunday, turned on the tv, and caught the first two episodes.  I might want to follow this one.  It held my interest, and I want to find out what happens next.
  5. gopack87
    AMC sure knows how to make dramatic, interesting shows.  I'm completely hooked on Breaking Bad and after watching the pilot and Sundays official first episode, Rubicon looks like a show with strong potential.
  6. mbriant
    I've seen episodes 1 & 2.  Looks like it has potential.
  7. Bob_McBob
    I'm half way through the second episode.  It's a little plodding and "oooh, mysterious" for my liking.  I downloaded it because of an article I read about whether it will be more popular than Mad Men.  I think not.  I keep having the pause the video, then forgetting to hit play again.
  8. sebastian589
    I'm intrigued at the least
    I think that the first three/four episodes will probably be slow, but I expect that once the show is properly burned in then the show will really take off. Let's just hope it doesn't take 100 hours

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