Anybody used Sony's XBR600's?
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Jan 6, 2013
Amazon had them on sale today for $40 and I ended up grabbing a pair. I couldn't find any respectable reviews or frequency responses for it so I'm not sure what to expect. It looks like they modeled it on their new top end headphones with the somewhat hockey puck shaped driver cans but with very strange looking ear pads. It looks somewhat like an unmentionable part of the anatomy and I guess it's on ear rather than circumaural. I'll put up a detailed review when I get them in a few days.
What are your experiences with them? Worth it at $40?
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I had a brief demo at Fry's Electronics with them.
They are certainly good-looking and portable with incredible isolation.
It almost felt as if I was wearing noise-cancelling headphones.
They were quite comfortable as well.
I wasn't able to play anything out of the headphones, but it seems that people prefer the odd numbered XB line rather than the 400, 600, etc.
I was contemplating on grabbing a pair after seeing the sale as well. However, I think the AKG K518 are a better choice for portable cans in terms of overall portability, sound quality, and style.
I think they are definitely worth their 40$ you got them for, however.

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