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Anybody have problems with Humberto?

  1. guzziguy
    I hope that all of our coastal Texas and Louisiana head-fiers got through hurricane Humberto without any serious damage. Steve (swt61), you were right in its path, weren't you. No problems or damage I hope.
  2. Schalldampfer
    We... uh... had a hurricane come through...? I'm in Austin right now.

    Oh, right... it rained quite hard a few days ago....
  3. ShinyFalcon
    I live in Houston, and didn't notice anything much... Just clouds and winds. Our University closed down until 12PM today though.
  4. Jeff Guidry
    I'm in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment, about 100 miles south of Morgan City, Louisiana.

    It got a bit rough here, but I'm in a pretty big boat, so no real problems.

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