Any way to fix an old worn out 3.5mm jack?
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Aug 23, 2015
I have a Westone UM3x(the non-removable cable version) that I've been using for years now. The problem is its headphone jack has worn out. Maybe because of the constant friction of spinning it. So now my left earpiece has no sound anymore unless I exert force to it on a certain angle but that's not a good solution..
I saw there is a way to fix it by cutting the jack and replacing it with another jack, but I use it mainly on my phone and most replacement jack I found are quite large and wouldn't fit into my phone as my case is quite bulky(first world problem, I know) but is there any replacement jack that are small in size?
I haven't contact Westone about this, should I at least e-mail them about it or just suck it up and replace the jack with a regular bulky one myself?
The receipt is long gone and I don't think the warranty will cover more than 2 years of use for this in ear 

Here's a picture of it:
(New user, so I have to use an image hosting website to show pictures)
Aug 23, 2015 at 10:16 PM Post #2 of 5 might be your best bet.
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Thank you so much!!!
It was exactly what I needed. And then I looked at the price and the shipping fee O.O
So I tried to look for an alternative and I remembered that I havent searched in taobao (basically a chinese e-bay)
Since I live in Malaysia the shipping from china isn't too costly.
After much searching and choosing, this-->
is what I settled for.
Thank you so much for your help. Without you I wouldn't be able to find this item to save my dying iem. :))
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Good luck! Remember to put all the parts of the shell on before you solder!

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  Good luck! Remember to put all the parts of the shell on before you solder!

Thanks, I'll try to give an update when it arrives and if it is fixable.
Edited my previous post as the jack listed in the link is a 4 pole one which is used for ear/headphones that has mic instead of the standard 3 pole one. Just in case someone in the future is facing the same problem as me :D

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