Any US veterans have 5-10 minutes for some questions?
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This is for a school project so it's not hugely important but I would definitely appreciate it if anyone could answer a few questions. Feel free to not answer or to add anything you feel like. Even just skipping the questions and talking about your experiences would be absolutely fine.

1. What is your name, rank, unit, etc? What did you do while you were in service?

2. When were you in the military and for how long?

3. Why did you join the armed forces? Was it to serve for the US or were there other reasons? Did you always want to be in the armed forces?

4. Were your experiences in the military generally positive or negative? What was good or bad about it?

5. How do you feel about war in general? Is it ever worth it?

6. What do you think about the way soldiers and war is portrayed in the media and public conscious?

7. What do you do now(like career-wise) and did your military experience help you to get where you are at?

Thank you a ton for anyone who answers.

Edit: one question was too political so I took it out.

Hi there !

What is name of this particular school project and who pick a questions ?
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I'm a vet, but I need some clarification about the origin, purpose, and ultimate use of this questionnaire before I volunteer answers. How old are you?
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I answer these phone calls daily.

First please tell me your name and social security number as well as home phone and address.

Thanks a 'Ton"
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I'm 17 and it's just a small project for history but actually I think I'm just going to find someone local to ask questions. So yeah let's just let it die or if mods could delete it, that would be even better.
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Originally Posted by nickosha /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm 17 and it's just a small project for history but actually I think I'm just going to find someone local to ask questions. So yeah let's just let it die or if mods could delete it, that would be even better.

Good idea...
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I would like to know what the question was that you , upon second thought, was to political and was edited from your list?

I would ask the good moderators to maintain this thread for my personal future referance.

Thank You~

Signed: U.S. Army Aviation volunteer for 3 years (at aged 17 in 1971) Vietnam Era War Veteran and Patriot... Who recently had my "War Veteran" licence plate riped off and stolen from my truck parked off the street aside my home which is centered upon 4 acres ( and taxed for 5 acres, mysteriously)!
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Want some answers about war in this time, and soldiers everyday living, what they think about it ?

I will give you all answers right now !

Blood Brothers

ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

You are 17 y. old !

He was 19 when he did what he did!

Ross Andrew McGinnis (June 14, 1987 – December 4, 2006) was a soldier in the United States Army who was killed in action on December 4, 2006 during the Iraq War when he threw himself on a live grenade thereby saving the lives of at least four other Soldiers. For his action, McGinnis was posthumously promoted to specialist and awarded the Medal of Honor as well as the Silver Star and Purple Heart. His family was presented the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush on June 2, 2008 at a ceremony at the White House.

Since the beginning of the Iraq War, McGinnis is one of four known Servicemen who have thrown themselves on a live grenade; the others being Marine Corporal Jason Dunham, Navy SEAL Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor, and Marine Sergeant Rafael Peralta. McGinnis is the fourth recipient of the Medal of Honor in Operation Iraqi Freedom.




I am proud of all guys from My Military base USAG Schweinfurt, and i am glad i know some of "Blue Spiders" !

God Bless them all, and bring them safe home !

You boy stay close to headphones and dont start some topic like this one again .. anywhere !

Gor bless You too !
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Man I can't imagine the amount of courage involved in such an action. Its all fine and dandy munching popcorn and watching it in a movie or playing a character in a game. But in reality there are no save games and no health meter and medpacks that revive you to "100 health". RIP and <SALUTE> with utmost respect.
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What people really dont know, he was actualy only one in Hamvi who can save own life! He was on the top of vehicle, and he see a bomb drop down between guys ... But, he decide to do something diferent then to jump and run ...

I go about 2 times a year back to Florida, and i just cant believe how people really dont care ...

In 10 years, will be movies about whats goin on now - like "based on true story", but for now all we can watch is "Lions for Lambs" and there go a youngster with School project questions ...

I gove You just a little piece of material for really good School project right now ...

If you want more, try to find story about Willsun Mock, also from USAG schweinfurt, and look for his video on CNN - or YouTube:

YouTube - Willsun M. Mock

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