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Any up-to-date recs for replacing or fixing my Modi 2?

  1. ninjames
    I have a USB Schiit Modi 2, and when I can get it to recognize in Windows 10 (multiple machines), it works great with my Magni 2 and my HE-400s. The problem is that it doesn't recognize nearly 100% of the time. I get six or seven different kinds of errors, from it not being recognized at all, to Windows telling me that a device malfunctioned (port reset error when plugged into a hub), and the Schiit driver setup telling me that the CMEDIA device is not plugged in. Sometimes after shuffling these around a dozen times, it randomly works and I can listen for hours. I have spent hours and hours trying to fix the issue with suggestions from around the Internet, from altering Selected Suspend settings to manually installing the driver, switching cables, switching machines, switching hubs. I bought a much nicer hub and it gets here Tuesday, and if that doesn't help me, I suppose I have to be done with my Modi 2.

    Returning it to Schiit is probably out of the question as it is out of warranty (it sat in a box undisturbed and un-bumped for over a year), though I had issues with it from the get-go (at the time, I was placated by it randomly working, and only used it for 2-3 sessions before it went in the box due to various life events happening). I'd be worried that I have a defective unit if there weren't literally dozens of people with the same issues.

    So my questions are: 1. Is there any up-to-date, definitive way to fix this issue? and 2. If not, is there a recommended DAC to pair with my Magni 2 and HE-400 (my Magni 2 connects via the PYST RCA cables) that isn't notorious for suffering these kinds of issues and isn't super expensive? I'd really like to not pay more than $180, and ideally, I'd pay closer to $100 if that's possible.

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