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any tube amp with cage to protect children ?

  1. stevepinkcity
    Hello guys,
    I'm quite new to headphone world (while experimented in hifi), and want to go for a tube amp for a HD650.
    Reading this forum a lot, I started to select one, and then basically choose:
    - Schiit Lyr,
    - Woo WA3,
    - Woo WA6 (or WA6-SE),
    - eventually Ray Samuel Raptor but quite expensive...
    Going further, I however discovered that all those amps share a common characteristic : they all come with tubes that appear ouside of the box.
    While I don't discuss the aesthetic thing, and agree appearing tubes are awesome, my home comes with 4 childrens (all boys !), and with them come a lot of "dynamism" in the house not really suitable with fragiles and high-voltaged things such as tubes.
    So.... I am looking for a solution which protects the children from the tubes, and the tubes from children :).
    I then contacted all above manufacturers, but unfortunately none of them do provide their amps with a cage.
    Then I don't know what to buy anymore...
    I tried to look for some "protected" amps, and found some of them, but unfortunately they all were too much expensive : 
    - ear tube amp : ~4000€,
    - audiovalve mkv : ~2000€,
    - ...etc
    Do any of you know a tube amp which comes with the following characteristics : 
    - good sound and built quality,
    - affordable,
    - tubes either inside the box, either protected by a cage.
    Thanks a lot for your kind help,
  2. Draygonn
    WooAudio WA7 will have an introductory price of $777 and should pair well with the 650s. It has a DAC as well.

  3. stevepinkcity

    Yes it could be a great idea.

    However, whatever good have been woo audio amps until now, we have no idea how this one will sound. And it is actually not yet available, so probably not an option before months.


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