Any tips on making AKG K518 sound better?
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Feb 15, 2013
First off: I'm a noob so bare with me

I listen to stuff from GY!BE to Converge to Fugazi to Neurosis so I'd like a balanced sound

I took the extra foam out and it did help with reducing the bassiness a bit. Do you have any tips on making the sound even more balanced? You know, mods and all that
Also, whenever i change anything in the equalizer I either spend an hour wondering whether I made the sound better or worse or I simply mess it up completely, so - if you have any experience with K518s and EQ - what setting would you recommend for my Clip+? It's not rockboxed but if it'd help with any of that, I shall rockbox it there and then
Thanks in advance
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I did some research before buying the K518's, and found that Sennheiser HD25's velour pads will fit on the 518's, making it slightly more balanced.
I haven't tried this myself, but just something to consider.
Also try searching AKG K518 mod and you will find some useful posts to mod them.
Also, in my experience, it takes a bit of a wiggle to find the right "fit" for the best sound.
As for EQ, on my phone, I leave 30~100Hz at 0 dB gain,
about -2 on 300 Hz, then slight upwards slope from 1kHz~5kHz,
0dB at around 7kHz, then another slight slope upwards towards 16kHz for that sparkle
It sounds quite pleasant this way, hope it helps
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open the cups and fill the interior with patafix or sponge biadhesive, take the foam, cut a 2 cm circle in the centre of it and put inside the little rubber circle, when it touch the magnet, put the big circle inside the cup and it’s done. then temove the white sticker around the protective plate between the pads and the driver. now the headphone’s fr is almost flat. to add bass, re-cover from 2 to 4 holes you have uncovered. I personally prefer a total open plate.

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