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Any thoughts on the Denon AH-C360?

  1. dent
    Does anyone own the Denon AH-C360 headphones? They look really nice, but there are scant reviews. While most say they are good, I'm not sure if those are exaggerated reviews done by Denon... so I'd like to ask some audiophiles like you all [​IMG]
    Here's a link-
    Amazon- Denon AH-C360
    Thanks a ton,
  2. david1978jp
    I don't have it.
    I'd like to let you know, its cable is shorter than usual ( 0.7 m), with an extension ( 0.8 m). It is the same design as C710, plenty of complaints because of it.
    Edit: One reviewer said it sounds quite similar to the older model Denon AH-C452, if that's true, there are more reviews for Denon AH-C452.

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