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Any suggestions for a noise-isolating earphone?

  1. firebert05
    I recently got a job that involves a large amount of travel (flying) and I would like a set of earphones to block out the noise around me and that fit snug and comfortable.
    I'm looking to spend under $100, and have been looking at the Shure SE115 and Klipsch S4, but im open to anything else. I will consider spending up to $150 (like the etymotic HF2), but only if its significantly better. Ill be using this with an ipod touch, and not all my music is audiophile quality.
    Any new earphone suggestions or thoughts on the ones I mentioned?
  2. Kunlun

    What sort of sound are you looking for?
    The s4 has good isolation. The HF2 is said to be excellent as well.

  3. firebert05
    Nothing too bassy. I looked at the Monster turbines (which look excellent, if not a bit out of my price range), but in the end I just dont want really weak bass. 
    I did some more research, and found the Sunrise Audio SW-Xcape and the MEElectronics M11+, and at this moment its coming down to those 2.
    Theyre both reportedly very comfortable and provide excellent isolation and value. The tossup is: The M11+ is reviewed to have better build quality (good for being on the road and being tossed in the bag) and and SW-Xcape is reviewed to have better sound (always a good thing).
    Does anybody have any experience with either of these two?
  4. JackKontney
    The new Shure SE315 looks interesting; has a new proprietary BA driver.

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