Any shop that lets you try their headphones in England?
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Feb 10, 2009
I don't want to spend 300€ on a pair of headphones before having tried it. It would be my first top class headphone. Unfortunately, Italian shoppers don't let you try their headphones before selling them, as they can't afford it - it's a matter of numbers!

I think I'm going to London by september, It'd be nice to buy a pair of headphones there, if I could try them, as I've never heard them, just read about them here.
I'm interested in:
Grado SR325
Beyer DT 880
Sennheiser HD600 / 650


P. S. I won't buy any headphone before having tried all those 3
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Can you be more specific re: location? Do you mean London or elsewhere? Senn 600/650 shouldn't be too difficult to find. Not sure where you can find 325is for demo though. No idea re: Beyer as I haven't try looking for them.
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There's a shop on Tottenham Court Road that has a demo set of SR325s, can't remember the name of the place though...

There's a duty free shop in Gatwick airport that has HD650s to try (but with unknown source/amp or whatever portable you have on hand, it's not great), no doubt other airports will have similar.
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Not common, but you can find shop that has Senn. or Grado (lower range) for demo. I demoed 650 and seen demo of SR60 and 225. I think Walrus Systems and Richer Sounds or was it Sevenoaks Sound & Vision (swiss cottage) may have Grado demo but not sure they have 325is though. Audio T should have 600/650, best to email them and ask where you can get demo. I demo 650 at Superfi in Camden but not sure they have them any more, best check with them first. Alternative contact Senn. UK and ask where you can demo them (probably best). I don't know much re: Beyer as I have not tried to look for them.

Tottenham Court Road should have Senn., not sure can you demo them though. Anyone any idea?
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you know, I want just to aknowledge the signature, I think a SR225 or a HD600 would be enough...

All the places you guys have listed are in London, right?

Sorry my knowledge about the geography of England is below zero...
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Yup, all London so far. Sorry we forgot you are from Venice. Audio T, Sevenoaks Sound & Vision & Richer Sounds are small hifi chain stores so they have shops all over London. Tottenham Court Road is a place with lots of independent electrical shops, you can bargin on prices there. I wonder is there a shop in Tottenham Court Rd that do both Grado and Senn.? Then you could try both and buy one of them (this way shop may be more willing to allow you to demo).
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I'm not sure Cornflake will be too much help - although I think they used to be HiFi specialists, they seem to be much more into home cinema and complex multiroom stuff these days.

Tottenham Court Road and surroundings is definitely the area to try, it has the highest concentration of electrical and hifi retailers in town.
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Originally Posted by Philski /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Tottenham Court Road and surroundings is definitely the area to try, it has the highest concentration of electrical and hifi retailers in town.

Another for Tottenham Court Rd, so... if I stop in London I'll certainly try there

BTW, which tube station is it next to?
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Last time I went to Tottenham Court rd I was able to listen to ESW9's, lower end Grados, and other simular cans (un amped). I did not see any Beyers at all. on Display I saw SR325's, RS2's, and HD650's but I was not able to demo them. in other words you will be able to demo some low end cans.

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