Any recommendations for a $1000 headphone?
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This question is way too open ended. There are hundreds of headphones out there, and which one you choose depends on a myriad of factors - open/closed, favorite genres, do you prefer a lot of bass or a more lean bass, bright or dark sounding and so on..

As a blanket recommendation for all purpose listening, I think the Audeze LCD 2.2 is the best non estat phone you can get in that price range, used. I've only heard the non fazored one. But something that is a lot cheaper and will save you money is a pair of used HD600 or HD650 (depending on if you like allround listening or lean more towards acoustic/classical, where hd600 > hd650). Or if you're a big fan of bass and a more dynamic listening experience, the Fostex TH-X00 or 610 will be more suitable.
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Since your coming from the HE400, i would say go for the Ananda for $700. You will be blown away at the difference. But still Hifiman sound signature.
And you will have $300 towards an amp.
I listen to my Ananda on the WA6 tube amp. Tubes are great with the Ananda.
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Ok thanks, open backs are ok. I listen to all sorts of genre bass would be good too..
I'll say a good deal on a ZMF Aeolus or a Focal Clear
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In that price range I recommend the LCD2C.
In some countries you can get the LCD-X as well below 1k.
If it has to be closed the LCD 2 closed back is also in that Region.

If you can get your hands on a used hifiman Edition Xv2 those would also be nice in that price range.
I personally don't like the Ananda, the soundtuning is too bright for my taste.
A budget upgrade would also be the Sundara already if you want to use more on the amp.(you didnt specify if 1k for headphones alone or headphones +amp)

All those planars scale weil with amplification, so something like Schiit Magni, Asgard, Jotunheim or drop THX 789 would be great on the Bang for buck scale.

On a Last thought Beyerdynamic T1.2 is also already available at 700€ Instead of the 1k it used to have. Just to Name a non planar alternative

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