Any reason to get a PDVDP as a source?
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Jan 17, 2003
Believe it or not, my wife actually told me to buy some consumer electronics! We'll be making a couple of trips with the kids in the near future and on our last trip I brought my laptop for the kids to watch movies. It worked out pretty well but the computer is a bit heavy and gets hot for little laps. My wife suggested we get a smaller lighter one that's easier for little people to handle.

Fine by me, but the question is, can it pull double duty as a toy for Daddy? I have the Micro DAC, as well as the Overture (or is it the Coda?) so I could use a portable DVD player as a transport. However, I already have one DAC hooked up to my laptop and the other hooked up to a SlimX IMP-550 in the bedroom. I don't really think I need to have another portable digital source that plays CDs (as opposed to a HD based player like the iHP-120). There seem to be some nice players out there in the $300-400 range, but I'm wondering if I should just get something for the kids and buy the cheapest, lighest model I can find. What do you think?

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