Any pilots around? Looking to buy Lightspeed Zulu 2 or the Bose A20.

  1. Speedbird
    Hi everyone. I'm taking my private pilot checkride on the 23rd and looking to buy a ANR headset for myself before I start instrument training. Currently, I'm using a David Clark H10-13.4 and I've narrowed it down to the Zulu or the A20. I know how much Bose is knocked down around here but how are their aviation headsets, especially the A20? It seems like every other pilot is wearing one of these or a David Clark so something must be great about it. The Lightspeed Zulu is a bit cheaper by about $200 and doesn't seem as common as the A20s but I've read many good things about them.
    Any fellow pilots here want to comment?
  2. calipilot227
    My flight instructor has owned both (ironically enough, we had the same conversation during our flight earlier today). He greatly prefers the Lightspeed Zulu for a number of reasons:
    -Costs less
    -Noise reduction is more effective
    -Earpads and headband are more comfortable (Bose has a funky hinge in the middle of the headband)
    -Durability issues with Bose
    -Voice clarity is better
    -Lightspeed's customer service is far superior to Bose
    If you have any other questions, PM me and I will ask him tomorrow.
    Happy flying! [​IMG]
    Edit: I'm currently using a David Clark H10-60
  3. FlyBPR
    This isn't on your list, but I switched from the 13.4 to the Clarity Aloft and absolutely love it.  If you don't mind having something in your ears (IEMs, earplugs, etc), it's awesome.  Light, comfortable, and is as effective at blocking the noise as the ANRs.  The Quiet Tech Halo is very similar but $100 cheaper.  Both are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the A20 or Zulu though.
    Just my opinion, of course.  I'm sure either of the ANRs will work for you too.  While not a head-fi favorite, Bose aviation headsets have a good reputation.
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I'm not a pilot (though I'd love to get around to a license some day), but I think Jerry Harvey Audio has some aviation gear.  Give it a look.
  5. FlyBPR


    The JH aviation products were discontinued a few months ago, unfortunately.
  6. mwilson
    Bose all the way. I've flown long hauls and they both isolate and are comfortable. I used the older X model; I've heard that the new one is even better, but don't have first hand experience. I'll perhaps treat myself to the new model sometime next year.
    I also tried Telex and DC among other, but Bose always came on top.
    Edit: Bose also has a 1 year no interest payment plan with no credit checks (all needed is a CC for the monthly installments) and a great return policy. I fly in a rather busy airspace (South Florida) and never had a problem understanding or being understood.
  7. Logan Sone
    I have a pair of the Lightspeed Zulu 2s and I really enjoy the noise isolation, I felt that their passive noise isolation was much better than the Bose and the bluetooth audio capability is also very convenient.

    The audio quality on the Zulu I felt was also much more clear compared to the Bose, but also felt that the Bose would appeal more to the casual flier as they were slightly heavier with the included cable on my head.

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