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Any options in this category with flat response under $100?

  1. echoleaf
    I'm getting back into producing and miss my old cans (Audio Technica M40fs).  I liked them a lot - comfy, pretty flat & with a little bass.  I could get them again but I'd like something more portable (which is code for easily hidden from from young children).  I'm just not sure if there is anything worthwhile under $100 that is as comfortable as a pair of full-size phones.  I do own a cheap pair of in-ear phones, which are ok but without a great fit.
    Purpose-wise it would be for composing & listening to electronic music.  I don't want phones to make the music sound better, which would certainly be bad thing when doing a rough mix.  Suggestions?
  2. jmoore914
    Sony MDR V6 are supposed to be extremely neutral and are around $80
  3. echoleaf
    Googling reviews & frequency response of the MDR V6...
  4. stevenlongs
    Gonna have to put my vote in for the mdr-v6 as well. Very good deal at around 60$. They are comfortable (sit on your ears rather than around, durable and transportable design, and sound great. Alternatively you can try a similarly priced srh-440 at any music store like a guitar store. They will likely carry the shures.

    The sonys were way ahed in comfort for me though.
  5. echoleaf
    What site has the most accurate frequency response data?
  6. stevenlongs

    Headroom should have what you need @ headphone.com
  7. jmoore914
    Innerfidelity has good FR graphs
  8. echoleaf
    Thanks.  There's so much more info online than there was when I bought the M40fs years back!

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