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Any opinions on the Munitio 9mm teknines yet?

  1. naddy
    Hi all,

    Anyone have any experience with the new Munitio 9mm Teknines yet?
  2. SpikedJuice
    Hi Naddy, I have them - they arrivedon Friday. I'll open them, take a first listen and post impressions up after I've had some dinner [​IMG]
  3. naddy
    Thanks! looking forward to your impressions!
  4. HawkinsT
    Hey, just signed up to bump this thread - don't suppose if SpikedJuice reads this he can give his impression now, or if anyone else has tried them out for that matter?
    It's been proving hard for me to find a credible audio review on them, and can't find much on this site either.
  5. batpig
    Spiked Juice posted his initial impressions in this thread but never followed up: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/518494/first-impressions-munitio-siti-nine-millimeter
    I'm very happy with mine!  Hopefully other owners will start trickling in...
    This Wired review is the only "pro" review I have found: http://www.wired.com/reviews/2010/11/munitio_earbuds/
    There are plenty of mentions in "buzz" type shorts at tech blogs and stuff, but not actual "reviews".
  6. HawkinsT
    Cheers for the response.
    I guess something I'm concerned about is how the bass seems to be the only thing that really gets mentioned, any chance you could give a comment on the rest of the sound? i.e. if I wanted to listen to some less bass-heavy music, does turning the bass down still feel like you're getting your money's worth, or is what you're paying for mainly just the awesome bass and styling and these should be reserved for listening to music where you want that huge bass?
  7. batpig
    sorry for the late response, just noticed your post! 
    While they have a lot of bass they definitely aren't a one-trick pony, even if you turn down the bass a bit the sound quality is still excellent.  I've heard some bass-heavy IEM's where the treble was really shrill and fatiguing, but that's not the case with the Munitios. I do EQ down the bass for some types of music and they still sound great.
    While I do like hip-hop and some electronic stuff, I actually mostly listen to rock and alternative, and the sound is overall very warm and non-fatiguing, but the bass is definitely there when you need it... if you did a direct A/B versus a less bass-heavy IEM the Munitio 9's could sound like they don't have a lot of treble clarity, but it's not like the treble isn't there; it's actually a very detailed and clear IEM but with a smooth treble, not overly emphasized to sound "sparkly".  I'm sitting there for an hour listening to music while working I actually prefer this type of sound as I find bright 'phones to get painful after a while...
  8. NisusNine
    wish someone wrote a detailed review about these lol
  9. SkippyMcHaggis
    i just got a pair of the teknines with the inline mic with the "savage" coupon code.  i've had them for about 5 hours now.  i've been listening to them through either my computer via an RSA Predator as a DAC (never done that before, even though I've had the Predator since I preordered it at it's launch.  wanted the option but never had the need until today when the munitio's cord wouldn't reach the headphone out on my STX soundcard.) or through an ALO cryo LOD connection on an iPod classic into the Predator.  the predator has at least 1000 hours through it as well.)
    my initial impressions are: wow, lots of bass.  that's good, but the mids seem kind of muddy.  like batpig states, there is a lot of treble detail, but it's not very in your face.  i'm hoping they open up a bit with some burn in.  A/B'ing them with Shure e4c's that I've got 1000's of hours on, these sound very dark, or the shure's are very bright.  I will admit the e4c's are very bass lite, so please don't take that wrong.  i don't have enough exposure to different brand's "house sounds" to know if the e4c's are considered overly bright.  i also have AKG K701's that i really enjoy, but would call them bass lite, compared to these.  later on today, i might be able to compare these to etymotic mc3's that i got my wife to use with her new Droid phone.
    to illustrate the mid's vs. bass and treble issue: pachelbel's Kanon in D sounds very nice.  i've never heard the double bass parts quite as viscerally in a headphone.
    Paramore's "Ignorance" sounds compressed in the mids.  the bass is a bit overpowering.
    on BoB's "Airplanes", Haley Williams' vocals again sound compressed.  so do the vocals.  i'm trying to think of a comparison...car audio comes to mind...it's a bit like sitting in the back seat of my old GTI on top of 6x9's and a sub in the back, rather than in the front seats, where the whole system was tuned for...you know, since i was the driver.
    listening to Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album, it's a very relaxing sound, again, a little bass heavy for what i'm used to.  you can hear the subtle layers of vocals, and the trumpet on "i'll be home for christmas" is nice and breathy, as intended.  but guitars seem a bit off of what i'm used to.  i can't tell if it's scooped...or compressed...or something...
    i think if i didn't have a very treble forward starting point, it wouldn't be that weird, but i'm really looking for something completely neutral, with great range.  others have mentioned EQ'ing to adjust things, which i think would work, although i'm not sure i want to EQ everything i own to bring the treble and mids forward...everything else i am play sound through doesn't need that.
    i will continue to listen to them and report back.  it's my opinion that people who like bass will really like these.
    fit and finish: they look very well made.  the cord is very light, wrapped in cloth.  i hope it holds up.  they're smaller IEM's than i expected.  i've got some photos that i'll try to get posted as well.
    *edit: i meant ALO not AOL.  silly fingers.
  10. NisusNine
    Thanks for the initial impressions


  11. mywallethurts


    mines got around 50 hours already and the treble and misd have opened up. bass has mellowed down a bit but is still the center of attraction. also try to utilize the eq it helps a lot. whenever i crave for big banging bass i just get these nines and start playing some tunes. looking forward to your further impressions 
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  12. SkippyMcHaggis
    i've spent a bit more time with them, and got to compare them to the etymotic mc3's.  here are some more impressions:
    as previously mentioned, i purchased some etymotic mc3's for my wife for christmas to use with her new phone.  i had purchased the teknine's for myself because i was looking for iems with an in-line mic, and was interested in seeing what an IEM with a lot of bass would sound like.  i convinced my wife to open the mc3's before christmas and give them a try so i could compare them.  because the teknine's have such a different sound profile than anything i'm used to i was looking for any additional comparisons i could make.  the mc3's to my ears were somewhat what i expected.  very analytical, although displaying quite a bit more bass roll off than i expected, even with a very good seal.  that wasn't a good start.  my Shure e4c's are much more alive sounding in comparison.  they also have a lot more bass than the mc3's.  the mc3's were also physically larger than i expected.  next, the cable didn't lend itself to over the ear wear, which is my preferred style.  the cable is soft and flexible, but the angle the phones sit with proper insertion made the cable continually fall off my ear.  this led to quite a lot of microphonics issues from the cord.
    since my wife let me try out the gift i got for her, i let her try out the teknines.  she's been using my old pair of Shure e3c's (shelved when i got e4c's) at work to block out her coworkers, so she's been exposed to iem's, isolation, and better than ibud earphone quality.  she is not an audiophile by any means, but she is a big music fan.  she is also very small framed (her wedding ring size is 3.5...i can't wear that on my pinky finger) and the e3c's are about as big and IEM that she is willing to deal with.  she first tried my teknines.  she said she really liked the size.  they are really small.  she had no problem getting them to fit, even with the stock medium sized silcone tips.  she also said she really liked the sound.  she giggled a little at the amount of bass she heard.
    she then tried the mc3's.  her first reaction to the mc3's was that they were so big.  i now believe all the comments i hear about ety's requiring really deep insertion.  she did get a good seal/fit with the stock tri-flange tips that were on from the box.  but her next reaction was that she didn't like the sound.  (source was an 160 iPod classic, ALO cryo LOD to RSA Predator) she said there was absolutely no bass, and what she heard was lifeless.  the long and short of it: my wife is not into fancy headphones, tried the teknine's and said she liked them right away.  she tried the mc3's and said no way.
    after dinner, i spent some more time with them and began looking into an EQ option to try to clear up the too recessed treble, and muddy mids i was hearing.  i learned something new: the iPod itself has an EQ that i have never used because everything else i ever feed with it has such a balanced response across all levels.  (thank you guy that was telling TF10 users with iPhones to use the acoustic setting.)  i sampled all the on board EQ presets and settled on the treble boost option on the ipod, and that really cleared up the sound to my ears.  it's possible that i really, really like forward, in your face highs, so if anyone else tries these out with that setting, please let me know what you think.
    with the treble boost option, Haley Williams' vocals on BoB's "Airplanes" became un-muddy.  she sounded like i'm used to hearing.
    i've been listening to David Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" while writing this review ("Echoes" specifically) and it's been very pleasant.  the bass is still a bit more present than i'm used to (i've been using the same IEM's for almost 5 years now, so i'm pretty familiar with what i'm used to hearing.).  these iem's really do have a lot of treble clarity though.  i'm hearing some flavor to the crown noise, and now, on "Wish You Were Hear" i'm hearing a lot better separation of David and Phil Manzanera's acoustic guitars.  it's really very, very nice.  again, the bass is still very forward, and i wish i could actually EQ that down a bit more, but again, it's very nice and musical.  it's also, again, so different than anything i've head before that i'm still getting used to it.
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  13. SkippyMcHaggis
    more thoughts:
    burned in overnight, and this morning the mids and treble seem to have come forward a bit, as mywallethurts commented.  i'm not sure if the bass has "mellowed" it's still very, very present.  at this point they have become a very fun iem to listen to.  i am still EQ'ing for "treble boost" on my iPod.  flat/no EQ is still a bit muddled for my tastes.
    i'm returning the mc3's, and i ordered some TF10's via the amazon deal yesterday, so i should be able to start comparing them tomorrow.  i seriously thought about getting another pair of teknines. i think my wife is going to claim the them for herself, since the mc3's were such a disappointment to her.  the SAVAGE code is no longer active.  i think there is another code for 25% off out there, but i didn't look for it.  for the $100 i paid with the Savage discount, i'm really pleased with the purchase at this point.  at full retail...i'm not so sure if i would be.
    since it looks like you can get TF10's for 180-220 easily, or lower on ebay or the sale forum, i want to compare the two and see how they stack up. it might not be fair, one way or the other (TF10's MSRP is $400, so one would hope they're noticeably better (diminishing returns be darned), but i don't think they're designed to be quite as bassy as the teknines, which MSRP at $180.), but i am really interested to see how things turn out.
  14. batpig
    thanks for the feedback guys -- it's good to not be the only one anymore! [​IMG]
    I tried listening with the "treble booster" EQ on my iPod, and I see what you are saying.  Interestingly, the "treble booster" doesn't seem to actually boost the treble!  Rather, it feels like it cuts down the mids and upper-bass, making the treble more pronounced relatively.... this lowers the overall dB level and you end up turning the volume up a click or two to compensate, and the highs get even clearer.  It definitely "thins" the midrange out so if you prefer a less "heavy" or "thick" sound, it brings the sound out making it more "crisp" while still maintaining the overall warmth and bass extension.
    The nice thing is that the highs are still awesome, clear but smooth and detailed, not "harsh" at all.  But the bass is still there.  IMO it's better to have more than you need so it's there when you want it!  I was listening to a friend's Shure e2c's last night, A/Bing them with the 9mm's.  The Shures had a pure, sweet treble, very clear and detailed.. but NO bass at all.  It's like listening to a nice pair of small bookshelf speakers with 4.5" woofers, very clear and detailed but they roll off like a rock under 100hz or so.  The bass is smooth where it exists, but no extension or weight at all.... switching to the Munitio's, it was like turning on the subwoofer! [​IMG]
    Definitely depends on what "type" of sound you are after..... but I'd rather have the bass and NOT use it than not even have it there at all!
  15. batpig
    oh yeah, the 25% off code is "vibrato"

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