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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. Kirosia
    Stop trying to libel Kirosia
  2. lextek Contributor
    I guess I'm an old-fart.  I drift in and out here.  Watched the change from CDs to iPods/computers as sources and the growth of IEMs.
  3. Lazarus Short
    Since I turn 61 [LXI] in a few days, I might just be an old fart - been around here a while too, but I don't visit like I used to.  These days, headphones rest on my head only a little more often than my fez, and I haven't had that on since the last meet I attended...
    "A churro is the ideal snack food."  Or not.  Here in C-bad, there is a store which sells fresh churros among the other baked goodies.  Tried one.  Still no like.  Asiago cheese bagels forever!
  4. skudmunky
    speaking of pretzels and churros, anyone remember this thread? A classic.
    Since I stopped reading this forum every day I've saved quite a bit of money. Still, nice to come back :) Though I'm not really one of the "old farts" I guess
  5. Ishcabible

    No. Pretzels forever. They're so much more versatile.

    I think I might have, stupidly, tried to revive the war last year.

    And to avoid completely derailing this, what's happened to redshifter? He, kirosia, rednamalas (I know he left after getting his Quads), and that guy with the platypus foot avatar (gah I always forget who you are I'm sorry!) always made for a good laugh.
  6. buffalowings


    ....looks like it came out of someone's acid trip vision...
  7. Ishcabible

    ^^^To anyone who wants to know the meaning of it.
  8. BobSaysHi


    It's a shame almost every picture in that thread is broken. 
  9. upstateguy

    '04 for me. :D. Nice to see some of the old crowd. :D

  10. grokit
    Churros are nothing but empty calories and I can't believe Mr. Green is now defending Hitler as a "great leader". He was a narcissistic, genocidal maniac and we'd all be better off with celery sticks with peanut butter on top. So there.
  11. Kirosia


    You mean Mjg? He moved on, and I believe he was technically the founder of Pretzel-ism. As for redshifter, he was here physically a few days ago, though his mind is long gone. 
    I haven't had a churro in many years, but a pretzel just a few weeks ago. I have learned the ways of harmony, and now know that both have a place in the hearts of Head-Fi. *Points to Jude's blog post with the Churro/Pretzel stands* 
  12. JoetheArachnid

    Oh, we have fun over there. Honestly one of the nicest blokes I've dealt with - sent me a rather nice Neutrik jack free of charge amongst other things.
  13. Happy Camper
     I believe he means Samgotit.
    If we are presenting some of the fun from the past:
  14. Duncan Moderator
    Another June 2001'er here :)
    Not here as much as I used to be, just work / commute
  15. That dude
    Wow, great thread. I've been lurking since '05, joined in '06. It was really interesting seeing head-fi become what it is today, who'd have thought a niche headphone hobby would get so popular? Haha.
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