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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I might be on the verge of qualifying. I lurked for about two years before joining.
  2. Whitebread
    I'm still around. Just redesigned my M3 amp assembly to include AMB's digital display and I/O selector.
  3. GreenJay
    Where is lJoker nowadays? ClieOs and his reviews were super helpful to me early 2000's
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  4. chef8489
    I am still lurking around even though most of my stuff was sold. Ill get back in the mix as soon as I can.
  5. tomb
  6. mbriant
    Still kickin’
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  7. upstateguy
    :smile_phones: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE ! :smile_phones:

    I'm kicking around too, although I don't post much anymore...Same old arguments that go no where, and attitudes that don't change.

    One of the truest things someone once said was, "The debate between objectivists and subjectivists in audio was, is, and always will be endless. Neither side will ever, no matter what they say, brow beat the other into submission. Anger and hard feelings between members is usually the end result when these sort of endless, circular arguments dominate."

    Do you guys remember when the "Objectivist's forum" was started? Remember the attitude? We've come a long way since then.

    "The Objectivist Audio Forum (opening soon) If you feel the uncontrollable urge to use the word "placebo," in here is where you'll post (and only here). Discuss DBT all you want in here."
    "It gives you a place to complain, so that's a good thing. It also keeps you from complaining everywhere else."

    "The problem has been that some in the objectivist camp ( it only takes one to derail a thread) feels the need to ruin and side-track threads started by subjectivists wishing to discuss a topic with like-minded members, by repeatedly jumping into their threads to tell them they are stupid for even discussing such a topic....turning their hobby enjoyment into yet another endless argument. Despite all the self-righteous, we're correct and subjectivists are wrong, gotta-save-people-from-themselves reasoning objectivists might use to justify their assumed right and obligation to ruin other's threads and discussion, this is wrong and unacceptable."
  8. kugino Contributor
    my listening habits have changed since I had kids. and I find myself listening to podcasts more and more. while I'm certainly no Boomer, my listening habits might qualify. I'm quite fond of the airpods pro these days...though when I listen to music my audio-gd 10.32 and balanced akg k501 (so old school) still make me smile.

    I do miss all the "old farts" around here who helped me get into this hobby...how times change.
  9. Sean H
    Still here as well! I just refinished my Mapletree Ear+ Purist HD, maybe I’ll post some pics!
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  10. doctorjuggles
    Old fart checking in
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  11. purk Contributor
    Old and golden!
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  12. VicAjax Contributor
    I mean, not really. Reminds me of the 6 train around here. I don't need more than one 6 train in my life. But hi there.
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  13. wasupdog
    Checking in. I’m pretty sure I qualify for this thread but took a 10 year break and managed to log back in a few years ago.
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  14. ziplock
    Hi there,

    Never posted a ton, but I'm old school.

    What a bummer about the group buys for DIY kit. Sounds like the crooks from kickstarter and the like moved in here.

    Anyway, kind of ended my head-fi spree with some AKG 601s and never looked back. Fun journey.

    Honestly, I'm into speakers again. Class D micro amps and decent bookshelves for the win. I have bigger stuff, but it makes the wife mad when her plates and cabinets start rattling.

    Now, I'm trying to revive this Marantz SA14. After all these years, I want to see if changing to a higher end source actually makes a difference to me. We'll see how the 601s sound then.

  15. crazychile
    I still check in every day or two, mostly to check if Jason Stoddard has posted a new "Schiit Happened" chapter, or new product announcement. Same with "Baldr". But otherwise, most threads get so cluttered with meaningless noise that they're unreadable. Who wants to read 25 pages that maybe have 2 posts of any real discussion about audio. I mean, I like cats, coffee, and booze as much as the next guy but that's what the Members Lounge is for.
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