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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. funch
    Prosperos Anos, amigos.
  2. Mercuttio
    I’ve returned from the god damned wilderness with 20 films on my IMDb, married, with a kid, and a vinyl collection that could choke a horse.

    I’m pretty sure somewhere in my post history you’ll find me talking crap about vinyl. How embarrassing, considering I probably own 10% of the world supply now. Maybe less.

    Hey, has anyone here heard this HD650 thing the kids are talking about? Really sings on my JBL SA660.
    robm321 likes this.
  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    As in acted in 20 films? :O
  4. Mercuttio
    Nah, VFX artist. My actual face is only in one to cover up an extra making funny faces.
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Still awesome man
  6. Judge Buff
    Anybody know anything about an OLD head-fier named @tstarn06?
  7. JTori
    Does 2008 make me an "Old Fart"?
    Judge Buff likes this.
  8. Whazzzup
    how old to be a fart?
  9. funch
    You can be any age to be a fart, but to be an "Old Fart Head-Fi'er', I'd say you should remember members like Tube Roller.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Sure, I might still have his contact.
    Judge Buff likes this.
  11. mark2410 Contributor
    still around, though more in spirit than body these days
    Judge Buff likes this.
  12. Judge Buff
    Good to see you're still here... at least in spirit.

    I pass through about every 2 years, to look for stuff to sneak past the Mrs or review something... or both. Congrats on the HIFIMAN gig! Quality stuff!
  13. Judge Buff
    Me, as well, 12 months AFTER you. I'm an old fart regardless. I've got socks older than most of the members these days... This trip around the sun qualifies me for Medicare.
    John2e and JTori like this.
  14. TimSchirmer
    I'm still tickin'. I Had to sell the vinyl rig to make LA rent a while back and now I just use a pair of Blue Ellas with an old AK100. I'm happy with it for now.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  15. Pewterlocks
    I guess I'm an old fart, since I found my old Sony walkman ( cassette version) still works with my old Van Halen 1 tape, love " Icecream Man'
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