Any news on the Questyle CMA Twelve?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by soundman414, Oct 25, 2018.
  1. soundman414
    I was browsing Questyles website and they show they have a new flagship Amp/DAC/Preamp... But I can't find any info on it it coming to market or where it would be sold.

    Does anyone know when it might be released?
    Where one could buy it?
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  2. Amber Rain
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  3. reiserFS
    Interesting. Probably going to buy one to upgrade from the CMA 400i. Has anyone bought from Audiologica before? The german distribution unfortunately didn't update their shop yet with the Twelve..
  4. soundman414
    I actually found a US retailer that spposedly has it.

    I have been thinking about using this as an integrated setup for my living room. The fact that it has input switching and volume control with the remote makes it perfect for watching TV, then switching to headphone listening, then loudspeaker listening.

    I was also pretty surprised by the price, as it is great value for what you are getting. They apparently have a Master version with a ceramic PCB and hand matched components... but that is $1999 and seems like a lot of money for those couple of differences.
    It's not out until November.
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  6. reiserFS lists it as "Delivery in 1-2 working days". I'll have to wait until the 28th to put down an order though.

    If you get the CMA twelve, please share some impressions if you could.
  8. reiserFS
    I'll keep you guys updated.
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  9. soundman414

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