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Any Mimby Owners with Eitr?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by schneller, Aug 15, 2017.
  1. Ripper2860
    I cannot imagine why. EITR is essentially GEN 5 USB for devices that cannot except a GEN 5 card. If one was driving a USB cable a long distance before getting to the EITR, the WYRD could be of benefit, but it would be better to use a short USB cable from computer to EITR and then a long COAX to get from EITR S/PDIF to your DAC.**

    ** This was verified by Schiit tech support when I inquired about which was better (long USB vs. long coax.)
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  2. chicken beer
    Of course it's useful....
  3. Ripper2860
    From the Eitr FAQ page at Schiit.com ...

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  4. jcn3
    No need for it - Eitr is more sophisticated device.
  5. pichu
    While a true and understandable statement. I had my Wyrd laying around so I hooked it up in my setup and there is no degradation in sound quality. I like having the idea of more isolation from my USB ports idk
  6. riffrafff
    Right. So, my Schiit Eitr arrived today. The stack now consists of Eitr->Mimby->Loki Mini=>Magni 3->HP* pre-outs to Monsoon MM-2000
    Y>Vali 2->HP*

    *HP = HD6XX/SHP9500S/Grado SR60 (modded)/various IEMs.

    Anyway...dunno if it's "new toy bias" or real, but I could swear that the sound stage expanded by 15-20 feet. I'm thinkin' more listenin' and compararatin' is required. lol. :metal: :metal: :L3000:
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  7. Ripper2860
    I don't think you are being unreasonable in your assessment. Less digital glare can definitely lead to more precise imaging and expanded sound stage. You may also find that the noise floor is now lower with music emanating from a more profound silence. Even though I now have a Lyr 3, I did find the same was true when used with my Magni 3.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  8. ScubaMan2017
    This is strictly a curiosity & future-home planning question.
    Is the Schiit Eitr an effective tool to run long (length of a typical bungalow) runs of cable? So, a central PC with music files >>> USB out >>> Eitr >>> coaxial >>> listening nook >>> (a typical Schiit DAC) >>> (typical Schiit head-amp + tonal control) >>> (PNS/CNS of a typical Schiithead).

    Right now, I “stream” my audio files to my listening nook, via WiFi, from my central PC.... with only the occassional popping & scratchy-sounds. @Ripper2860 & @riffrafff ... I enjoy your musings on the other threads, eh.
  9. riffrafff
    According to Schiit's product page, the USB cable from CPU to Eitr shouldn't be longer than 2 meters or so. I don't recall a practical limit to the length of of the coax. The better the coax and construction, of course, the better. Solid conductor coax is better than stranded, but prone to break if moved around much. I'm using a short length of BJC's Belden 1694A w/ Canare connectors.
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  10. Ripper2860
    ^^^ Ditto. I queried Schiit tech support and their response was to keep the EITR USB RUN as short as possible and use coax S/PDIF for the extended run. Keep to high quality (not necessarily uber expensive) shielded digital cables and you should be fine for relatively long runs.

    Note: Personally I stream via Wifi from a multi-media computer in my den (feeds 2-channel rig) to a computer in my bedroom computer connected to EITR -> Mimby -> Loki -> Lyr 3 and very rarely encounter an issue. I do the vast majority of listening this way and on the rare occasion when things do get a little catawampus, I merely reboot the den multi-media computer and it clears up. Likely more to do with Windows OS than Wifi. :D
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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  11. ScubaMan2017
    @Ripper2860 and @riffrafff ...thank you for the ideas. When my wife & I set up our home, it’s going to be on a woodlot up on the Bruce Peninsula. Little EM interference (except for a bizarre VHF tower nearby, Coast Guard?). I might even have my own little radio shack (with heavy duty bug screens).
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  12. BrokeSkoolBoi
    Im sorry to necro this thread, Im about to post some impressions once I find the damn dedicated page, but I wanted to say this for anyone on the fence. I'm a violinist, before connecting the Eitr to my CTH I couldn't really pinpoint the instrument that well and more so just heard the pitch. Now that I have the eitr in my system, my hd600 sound much more like what I heard listening to an HD600 in an audio engineers room/setup. It's pretty eerie how realistic this sounds. I can hear every little shift of the bow on a string now. Im planning on getting the RDAC and selling off my Schiit stack, but at the moment I can't believe I was putting up with the Mimby on it's own now that I hear it's capable of this detail.
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  13. schneller
    That's great. But now we have Gen6 USB coming / Schiit USB / whatever it is called and I think I will just wait for that.
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  14. h.rav
    Who knows when it's going to come out. Like The Gadget, they have been teasing about it for some time now.
  15. AlanU
    The thing about any DAC is that they all have a certain sound signature. I'm dangerously generalizing but your average 1000+ dollar dac seems to have neutral mids not rich but potentially lean as well as lacking note decay. There comes to a point where too much detail is an overload of information that isn't a true representation of the music. Call it analytical and less emotionally engaging. If your not swapping gear and are happy with a certain sound signature you're going to be happy. When you've eaten chocolate for the first time and are denied of having it again....that's a problem :)

    I still haven't picked up an Eitr but my old and magical Stello U3 (usb / spdif converter) that is only 24bit alleviates some of the digititis on my solid state DACS and shifts it a tad warm coloured but increases the emotional charge of vocals. This is extremely apparent with a 2 channel hifi system. Soundstage seems more realistic while retaining very good imaging. I find extreme detail and imaging far from what you truly hear at concerts/halls/bars etc.

    If you keep your current dac and power your headphones with an Auris Audio HA2 SE tube amp. My recent audition of this amplifier shocked me in vocals. No digititis at all with believable note decay with string instruments. I guess it all depends on synergy of the dac/amp/headphone combo.

    A concerning comment on soundstage. Vast large soundstage sometimes calls BS on reproduction. Listening to Eva Cassidy live at Blues Alley having a wide and unrealistic sound stage on an intimate setting starts to sound highly fake and hit with artificial reproduction of music.
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