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Any love for the Activo CT10?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CarmenC, Jul 10, 2018.
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  1. smodak
    I can't either. BTW, all those software is already on the ct10 internal drive. Just connect to a pc and look in the CT10_Contents folder.
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  2. smodak
    Hy Jason, PureApk no longer provides a download for Spotify. Where do you suggest we download it from?
    Same for all, even SP1000 daps having that matter.
  4. Astrogoth
    Can't get my CT10 to display album art. Files were processed with Picard and all my other players and software show the art just fine. Activo/Astell&Kern claim no knowledge of this issue. Ideas?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  5. JasonNYC
    Did you try a manual media scan? That will reindex all of the files and album art. It is possible it did not index correctly when first loaded on the player. To do a manual media scan - settings -> System Reset - Initialize media scan. If you have playlists set up, make sure you have the clear playlists box unchecked. A manual media scan can take up to 10 minutes depending on how many files are in internal memory and microSD card.
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  6. Astrogoth
  7. Astrogoth
    Okay, I tried a media reset. An "A" icon appeared on the display, far left end. The name of the song playing disappeared and was replaced by "Unknown song title". I let the player sit for an hour. I have 3000 songs on my MSD card under /MUSIC/*.* and waited over an hour. Nothing happened. The songs were never found, yet the same player can random play all 3000 songs all with the correct titles from the file names.

    Whatever company you guys hired to write this firmware did a super sloppy job. I reccomend you fire them no matter who they're related to. This reflects badly on A&K and hurts your reputation.
  8. rockethead26
    Has anyone used their CT10 with a modern car audio system? We'e buying our first new car in 12 years, a CX-5 and it has the ubiquitous infotainment system. According to the CT10 manual, you can't pair the CT10 via bluetooth to a car audio system. Is this true? Is there some way to use the CT10 thru a car audio system? I'm confused!
  9. D3soLaT3
    Unfortunately its true. You cannot use the CT10 via Bluetooth. The car will see the device and even connect but you cannot play music through the car's speakers. If your car has a 3.5mm headphone jack you can use that.
  10. rockethead26
    Ah, OK. I'm pretty sure that it will have the headphone jack, but I'll check to make sure. So, I'll just need a dual 3.5mm jack cable to go between the two? That's pretty easy and since the jack is usually in the center console, the CT10 will be out of the way.

    Thanks, D3soLAT3!
  11. smodak
    Could someone please tell me how to install Spotify on my Activo 10? Has anyone done it so far?
  12. smodak
    I connect my Activo 10 to my 2013 honda Pilot just fine and it plays music just like any phone would.
  13. oneula
    is the Jerry Harvey AK tuned IEM worth it for this device?
    The Billie Jean is like 2-3x the cost of the CT-10
    But if it's the perfect match it could be worth it as a way to get set up for a higher end AK dap
  14. D3soLaT3
    Interesting, I have a Hyundai Santa Fe that's the same year and cannot play music. I wonder why some vehicles can but others can't? I haven't tried to play it via Bluetooth since the last two recent updates. Maybe I need to try it again.
  15. JSmo
    i have a subaru 2019 crosstrek -- the ct10 works via bluetooth (you just have to set it up like a phone). it plays all files just fine (it just can't recognize the titles or album art). it doesn't work via the 3.5mm jack connection b/c for some reason subaru only allows that to communicate w/ ipod and play mp3 and similar formats (it won't play flac). tip: when you do get the ct10 to connect via bluetooth, be sure to crank the volume of the ct10 all the way up-- that seems to result in the best sound b/c ct10 seems to be a clean pre-amp whereas if the volume is down in the mid-range on the ct10, the car's system amp can only boost a mild amount and the signal's not as clean.
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