Any isolation MODS available for the HD212?
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Jan 14, 2006
hey there..

i used to have a sennheiser eH350 which i was very pleased with but couldnt live with the open design when i was "on the go" so i replaced it with the HD212 which have a closed design.

the problem i have with it is that there is almost no sound isolation from the surroundings and it also leaks some music out. it's not accepteble, the isolation almost dosen't exist! when i recived it i remember the isolation was better but it slowly vanished as i used the phones more and the clamping force got weaker...

so recently i was going through the forum's archives and i found a thread describing a MOD for the Beyerdynamic DT231 (which by the way have a similair design for the HD212 in some ways) that makes it isolate better:

im wondering if someone could come up with a similair self made MOD for the HD212 (or any other of the sennheiser phones that shares the design with it, like the HD202, HD477, HD497 and all the EH's..) that would make it isolate better. all ideas are be welcome...

i removed the earpad from the "capsules" today and tried thinking of something good while looking at the design there but i couldnt..

there must be a way to improve the isolation on this bass babies...

plz share your thaughts in that subject with me and i hope someone could sort it out some way..

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