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Any interest in doing a local head-fi small gathering in SF?

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  1. Zachik
    Big surprise... :wink:
  2. pure5152
    loool I know, but for a while they seemed okay with it!
  3. Josh76
    Yeah, still disappointing. I've already visited the store and tried all of their "good stuff". OK, not the crazy $50K setup but everything else. I want to try other brands! Oh well. :frowning2:
  4. Zachik
    Anyone got other ideas as for "where"?
    The "when" is more flexible, IMHO.
  5. Veyska
    I would also be tentatively interested, presuming I haven't already visited the Sennheiser store and subsequently fallen in love with one of the 6## models* sufficiently to just buy it (which is entirely possible). My brief listening to the Beyerdynamic 990 Pros (not sure which impedance, probably 80/250) at Guitar Center was quite favorable and I'd like the opportunity to test out mode sound signatures. Was out of town the weekend back in November where some folks got together over in the Santa Clara library, I was quite disappointed to not be able to go... Somewhere reasonably close to reasonably priced parking (not street side!) would be preferable, not particularly fond of big cities nor parking in them.

    (*If I've fallen in love with an even higher-end model I shall weep and probably still get a 6## or something equivalent, I decided the moment I started window shopping for an upgrade to my 558s that my GPU was going to *stay* the most expensive bit of my computer. <-< )
  6. Derwin
    Hey guys! I was wondering if this is still going to happen for March 30th? I don’t have the greatest gear, but I really want to see if anyone is auditioning Lyr3 or Gilmore Lite mk2? I really want to upgrade my amp, but I want to audition theses out before hand. I can bring Modi 3/Magni 1 and Mad Dog Pros/Sennheiser 6xx.
  7. elira
    We need a location.
  8. DimitriSF
    Is this something that a person could host in their home? I'm not committing, as my spouse may totally balk at a bunch of dudes, trouncing through her home, and plugging things into every outlet in our home, but I may be able to convince her, if we promise to stay downstairs, in my den and garage. I live near San Francisco State University, and depending on how any outlets would be needed, I might (again... not committing) be able to host this. Maybe... probably not... but maybe.
    elira likes this.
  9. tholt
    Would probably depend on how many people would actually be there. It may be power strips galore, but it would be a meet! I'd be down for it. I co-founded an audio club down in the central coast so know all about what it's like to meet in people's homes. Assuming the utmost respect shown toward the host and their home, it was always a good time.
  10. DimitriSF
    I brought it up to her, and she said she's not opposed to it, but she would need to know a little more information before committing our home to such an event. So... as any spouse knows, that's the first step toward yes :)

    Assuming it's a yes, I wouldn't know where to begin, in hosting this. How many people showed up to the last event? We have 200-amp service in our home, but obviously, not all of that will be available to us. I'll have to double-check our panel's breakers for the downstairs, but we may be able to continuously draw around 50 amps of power.

    Is that enough, tholt? Dunno. Any feedback would go a long way to convincing not just my spouse but me.
  11. tholt
    I don't know what power requirements we'd need, not knowing all the equipment that we'd be talking about. HP amps don't draw too much juice, so I'm sure whatever power you have on tap would be fine. My audio club was more 2 channel stereo, so the host would simply have his/her stereo set up and we'd gather, listen and socialize. We used Meetup as our info coordination and RSVP tool. Worked well, perhaps it could be used for this as well. It's free to sign up and I think free to use up to a certain number of people.
  12. DimitriSF
    Thank tholt for the ideas! Our downstairs can accommodate around 50 people. Perhaps if it's a nice day, we can extend the event into our garden. I'll let folks chime in, if they have more ideas or (better yet) can help me coordinate the event.
    To be clear, this is not 100% certain. I still need to convince my spouse. So... if anybody has things to add to this discussion... please... now is the time.
  13. tholt
    You've got some good space! Many houses we met at could hold maybe half that, so that's a plus. Not to mention being able to quarantine us to one area instead of access to your entire house :wink:

    Meetup might work well. You can create a private group and only let people in coming from this thread/forum. You can limit the number of attendees to whatever you're comfortable with. Food/drinks can be potluck or just get pizzas and drinks ask attendees to chip in a few bucks each to cover costs. You could set up tables for listening stations, get some power strips (or we can bring) and that's kind of it? Maybe right now we need buy in from others to see if there would be interest.
  14. Alcophone
    That would be great! Thanks for offering!

    I'm on Taraval St, so pretty close to you. I could help with cleaning up.

    50 A sounds plenty to me, especially since we're talking headphone gear. Most important would be to have enough time to meet and greet, and set up gear, and try much of it, and pack our bags again. At least 6h for the whole thing, I would say. More is better, especially if we add food to the mix.

    You know your wife, how can we bribe her? A nice wine? Exclusive chocolate? Raw vegan deserts? :)
  15. DimitriSF
    Hi. I appreciate your offer to help clean up! But, 6 hours is a non-starter unfortunately. I can do 3 hours, from 11 AM - 2 PM. I can't do evenings, and even 3 hours is already stretching it. My wife only agreed to this because she's taking our son to a birthday party during that timeframe. 6 hours would amount to me sleeping on the couch for the next week. There might be some wiggle room, but not 6 hours' worth.

    Do you think this can still work?
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