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Any help with modding my K272HD?

  1. iCupboard
    Dear everyone! :D
    I have a AKG K272HD, which I actually wanted to throw away, because of the cabling that broke.  But I read about a DJ version of an AKG (dont know which one), and they succeeded in making their AKG's have detachable cabling. There is a tutorial on there, but I am not good at DIY's, and I would love it when someone could do it for me. I will pay you for that, just name your price in a PM.
    I live at Groningen.
    Thanks! :D 
  2. iCupboard
    Any one? :frowning2: I can send it to you, of you want. :)
  3. iCupboard
    Could anyone close this topic or delete it? I have the same topic at the good category now.

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