Any Head-Fi'ers in Salem, OR?

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  1. Squeaky Duck
    Many of the meets are too far to travel to, so I'm curious to see if any Head-Fi'ers who are in or near Salem Oregon might like to start a group locally to share and be social.
  2. 503Head
    Just joined yesterday. Salem is home.
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  3. LCMusicLover
    I'm out on the Coast (LC == Lincoln City).

    I'd love to get together sometime -- Salem/Portland/Corvallis... I'm looking forward to hearing some other gear/sounds.
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  4. Squeaky Duck
    That would be fun. Send me a PM when you;d be around town. Got a few good coffee places here in south Salem me to grab some coffee and talk shop.
  5. Coug
    Not exactly close (Tricities, Wa), but still could be interested. Justanoob.
  6. Soundsgoodtome
  7. bildar
    i’m down in eugene
  8. TTNK
    Beaverton here. Would love to meet up with people and try out different stuff
  9. bildar
    lets have a meet!
  10. 503Head
    I could host in Salem
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  11. TTNK
    I’d be down for that
  12. bildar
    I don't have a car. :D. I would work on getting my butt up there though and bring my gear.
  13. Squeaky Duck
    I'd be up for meeting in a place like Shari's cafe here in Salem. Then we could all enjoy some coffee too
  14. 503Head
    Maybe a Saturday in May? The clubhouse of my apartments is plenty big, clean and comfortable. It's next to the pool (can be good or bad) and has a Keurig.

    I could set up my DIY class D amp and fullrange speakers in one room if anyone if interested also.
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  15. bildar
    I would be down for any Saturday in may except the 12th
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