Any Head-Fi'ers in Salem, OR?

  1. Squeaky Duck
    Many of the meets are too far to travel to, so I'm curious to see if any Head-Fi'ers who are in or near Salem Oregon might like to start a group locally to share and be social.
  2. 503Head
    Just joined yesterday. Salem is home.
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  3. LCMusicLover
    I'm out on the Coast (LC == Lincoln City).

    I'd love to get together sometime -- Salem/Portland/Corvallis... I'm looking forward to hearing some other gear/sounds.
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  4. Squeaky Duck
    That would be fun. Send me a PM when you;d be around town. Got a few good coffee places here in south Salem me to grab some coffee and talk shop.
  5. Coug
    Not exactly close (Tricities, Wa), but still could be interested. Justanoob.

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