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Any good wireless, IPX rated earphones under $80?

  1. DatGameh
    Currently, I already have a decent headphone to listen to at home, but lack a proper earphone for exercise. The wired earphones I have just keep getting caught in things so constantly, it's annoying.

    So now, I search for some new earphones. Since these are secondary, there isn't too much I would to expect from it. But there are still requirements I want it to fit. It should be:

    • Waterproof (IPX)
    • Wireless
    • Balanced sound (not too bass heavy, but I can tolerate a bit of some extra bass)
    • Under $80
  2. yong_shun
    It is hard to find one that can fit all the requirements but I think you can consider JBL Endurance series (Sprint and Dive).

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