Any good audio stores in Kansas City?
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There is a new store on 69 south around 159th st.? It is called APPLAUSE. I worked with a guy that works there now. If you gentlemen go on a tour of ML let me know I have not been there since I left about 6 years ago. I would like to see the changes.
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Doesn't Audioport host a tour every summer? I went once, and was impressed.
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Any place to buy audio capacitors and electronics around KC?

There's a good place at 40th and Main, just south of the Blood Center [where I used to work]. Zebedee's vinyl store and the FX audio store are not far away.

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sorry to bump a 3 year old thread but I was wondering about a more updated list of stores around kansas city/overland park area? I just called the Applause store and they order Denon and JVC items to the store to be bought and the FX audio only carries grado it seems (as i read on the website)
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If you are looking for vinyl records, turntables stuff, check out the Vinyl Renaissance store at 10922 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Shawnee, KS. They do carry Grado line headphones as well. One of the best thing about this store is that they actually do the repairs in-store. I had few stereo equipments got repaired by them and very satisfied with their works. Plenty of old vinyl records to view and purchase.
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hmm sounds interesting I'll definitely have to give that a look. I am just tired of having to do all my headphone shopping online instead of being able to go to a store and test them all personally with my S9.
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Another bump to an old thread...
Used to be a Primus guy as they were close and always revolving stuff in and out. 
Anyone else doing that? Seems like the only game(s) in town are married to one or two brands.
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Just my contribution to this thread, the only place ai know of that actually sells Hi-Fi stuff is Vinyl Renaissance.

Also, I didn't know any fellow Kansans were into audio! Awesome!
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There really aren't any good stores in KC anymore for audio, especially headphones, but we could always do another meet.
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Hello everyone,

I'm a new member to this forum. Sorry for reviving this old post but I can't post new threads yet. I also live in the greater KC area and just got interested in headphones. I currently have a Ultrasone HFI-2400 and a Little Dot Mk3 but am looking to upgrade to a nicer headphone/Amp/DAC combination. I've done some research online, but from browsing this forum I get the impression you really need to hear the headphones first to figure out what kind of sound you prefer rather than just throwing money at an expensive pair and hoping to like it. I've read a lot of reviews, but I think I don't actually know yet what kind of sound signature I like.

I prefer listening to eletronic (techno etc) music, though some alternative, rock and even some classical gets played occasionally too. All my music is digital (computer), and I only listen to music at home so open vs closed, mobility etc is not an issue for me.

Does anyone know of any shops in the greater KC area that have a variety of brands of headphones of higher quality to try out? Preferably if they also sells Amps/DACs to find a good match between all three components.

TL,DR - Looking for an audiophile store in the greater KC area to try out high end headphones and possibly Amps/DACs.

Thanks in advance.
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