Any experience with Eton E5?
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dead of night

100+ Head-Fier
Feb 21, 2004
Hi. I want pull the trigger on the Eton E5 and I wonder if any forum members own one or have experience with one. What I'm looking for is superb AM/FM reception, and a fun toy to play with. I am hoping that the buttons and controls provide an interesting contrast to the typical Sony and Sangean portable headphone radios.

I don't know anything about shortwave radio, and I only speak English, so most of those stations will be in a foreign tongue. If there is a comparable radio that is superior to the Eton, please let me know. Also, does anyone know if the radio is only shipped with the updated AC adaptor these days?

Please tell me what to expect with the Eton E5. And, can you provide links on this forum to detailed write-ups on the Eton?

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