Any decent sounding and comfortable on-ears?
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Jan 12, 2008
Yes, I've seen the Boses, and I think they are comfortable, but the sound quality is slightly lacking. Is there any other pair of really comfortable on-ears that I can get for <$150 or so?
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the px100's are a good headphone if you like to listen to all the detail in the song... they pick out every little thing

i have also listened to the jbl reference 410's and they have a much fuller sound and alot more bass

out of the 2 i'd go jbl... they are same as AKG's version pretty much
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Thanks for the input, but I was looking for something a bit more high-end. However, I have almost decided on the Grado sr80, as I have V-Moda Vibes and Shure E2c's for some portable listening. Any other suggestions? Are there people that want to tell me to get the sr60s instead of the 80s?
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On ears.... Audio Technica M50?

Studio reference.

Plus the Bose Triports went over my ears and not on the ears like these do.

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