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Any comparisons of EM1 iFI vs. JH5?

  1. K.I. Unlimited
    Essentially even after getting rid of my Livewire's, I will be running blind going for the next level of customs.
    I've done quick read-ups on both; however there is a great lack of good/detailed reviews on both of them.
    So before I go for it, I would like to know whether I would remotely like the sound or not.
    I only remembered hearing a demo set of the JH5's and couldn't tell any kind of astounding differences; except that the *few* random tracks I played on it was oddly musical. 
    And for the EM1 iFI, of course I haven't heard of it before...in fact I came back to head-fi after months and was surprised to find so many new hypes. The good news for the EM1's of course is that you can upgrade to the top anytime.
  2. Randius
    I wish to get my first custom so I am also interested in any SQ comparison between these two customs. I am leaning towards EarSonics because they allow upgrade. At least I won't need to fork out a huge sum initially.
  3. KLS
    Just for your information:
    (Original post: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/485632/earsonics-sm3-appreciation-discussion-review-thread-aka-the-most-affordable-high-priced-universal-iem/60#post_6598655)

    Congrats on finally sellling off your Livewire :)
  4. K.I. Unlimited
    I must have worded it wrongly; no, sadly I haven't sold them yet =/
    So according to that post...seems more worthwhile to get the universals?
    After reading around on the EM's, with the option of upgrade and with Mr. Franck Lopez's quick e-mail response, I'm leaning towards them. The allure of "lush mids" in the UE/JH driver war thread too...
  5. rawrster
    If I didn't look at the Earsonics website a couple days ago I would have no idea what the EM1 iFI is. It seems that if you do eventually want to go down the route to the pro line but don't want to put down that much cash now they wouldn't be a bad choice but as for how good they sound I doubt anyone knows.
  6. KLS
    @K.I. Unlimited, it's my reading problem not your fault ^^;
    I am not sure if SM3 could actually be better than the EM2. If you read french I believe you can get more information on EarSonics products though.
    It's no doubt Franck is a very nice guy to communicate with. Quick reply and staright to the point. Just like you, if I were to get customs I would definitely consider EarSonics first. By the way I love my SM3 :)
  7. K.I. Unlimited
    I chanced across a French site (translated to a literate level by Google Translations) and here's the link + some useful posts:
    Original link: http://forum.generationmp3.com/index.php?showtopic=76100&st=40
    Well I don't think he will intend to make even the lowest-end of his customs sound not as good compared to the SM3; that's IMO.
    Maybe I should actually bomb the EM1-iFI and try to give a comparison to the Livewires sound. Unfortunately my ears are not good when it comes to A/Bing so when I do finally give a review, please don't kill me...haha
  8. KLS
    Great please tell us if you have decided to bomb EM1 LOL :)
    I am getting skeptical about custom lately. I wonder how much improvement would be from universal IEMs to customs. I think I really have to try one and 'see' what customed-head-fiers are 'seeing'.
    Extracted from: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/495320/jh-audio-jh-3a
    This is so tempting as well...
  9. K.I. Unlimited
    I have decided to restart my customs audio journey with the EM1-iFI's. After making my impressions tomorrow I will mail them out.
  10. Randius

    Will definitely like to hear your impression after you received the EM1. Very tempted to order a pair as well.

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