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Any audiophiles that listen to dubstep?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by clean, Aug 14, 2011.
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  1. Clean
    Hello all, I was just wondering if any audiophiles out there listen to dubstep?I am talking about Loefah, Mala, Coki, Digital Mystikz, Kromestar. I also listen to a little brostep ( Skrillex, Datsik,Vexare.) I know that most of you guys look down on bass heavy headphones, but you kind of need that when listening to dubstep.  I am also curious to see what your setups are. What kind of headphones, and amps do you use. Right now I'm burning in my ATH M50s, and I am a little worried they arent going to give me enough bass. So I guess if I narrow things down a bit.
    - What kind of headphones and amps do you dubstep loving audiophiles use?
    - What should the next step up from my ATH M50s be?
  2. HesterDW
    Hey I know your new, but literally all you have to do is search and read. If you search "dubstep headphones" tons of threads come up. One has even been started this month. 
  3. obzilla
    Plenty here listen to dub-step. I'm not a dub head, but I have plenty of Skream, Benga, and Deadmau5.
    Your next logical step, and possibly final destination, for dub-step and bass heavy music should be the Ultrasone Pro 900s in my opinion. 
    I run them unamped mostly, and there is no problem. They are very easy to drive.
    They do improve with amping, even a good home theater receiver can do the trick quite well, but I'll let other people chime in on that. 
  4. Clean
    Do you own a pair? How is the sub bass on them?
  5. jasonb
    i listen to dubstep on both my HD650's and on my SA6's. just the right amount of bass on both for dubstep.
  6. Fanga
    Try the FA-11 (Fischer Audio). I mix and match with it and the AKG k702. It has solid bass with a great deal of impact. I'm not huge into dubstep (glitch mob, PANTyRAiD, etc.), but I find the FA-11 works really well. It's a fairly budget orientated headphone too. I think $120 + shipping from GD audiobase.
  7. Clean


    What do you think about the D770 pro? The AKG's also look like a good choice. Do they need an amp?
  8. BrucYSN


    no body look down on bass heavy headphones, it's just hard to be done right. , I'm not a big fan of electronics, but to upgrade from M50,i'd recommend the Sony Z1000, there are two version of em, standard and extra bass version. The extra bass is about $100 cheaper since the standard is directly import. If you like the m50 you will love the z1000 it's a basically super improved m50, well worth the money. Not a big fan of ultrastone, so can't comment. 
  9. obzilla


    Yes. Amazing.
  10. fabio-fi
    Dubstep sounds ok with my HD 25's. I'm more into D&b which i love, probably my next upgrade will be a headphone with more bass. 
  11. SennheiserHD
    check out the post in my signature.
  12. Clean
    Ok guys so I am thinking about theses cans
    - Dt 990
    - AKG K 702s
    - Or buying an amp, to use with the M50s, and later with my new cans.
  13. NoKTurNal
    Why yes I do,
    Electronic music is ALL I listen too
    Drum & Bass/Dance is my favorite (sry)
    Dubstep, IMO just overrated
    It already in mainstream and advertising commercials
    I used to listen to it often, not as much anymore
    DT990 600ohms/E9+E7
    Perfectly happy
  14. HesterDW

    Awesome post! Agreed with everything.
  15. SennheiserHD


    aw thanks!!!!
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