any alternative to schiit fulla?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by miwashi, Jul 3, 2018.
  1. miwashi
    I have one of these and it started developing problems some months ago.I use it with windows computers and now upon bootup it's not detected until about 10 minutes later. It's not a windows problem as it does the same for multiple computers I connect it to. Also every few minutes there is an ear-popping burst of sound even if nothing is being played. Again it's not an issue of usb latency as it occurs with every computer I use it on.

    I really like it for its size and low price but it's time to get a replacement. Are there any newer products that are similar?
  2. jrflanne
    Fulla 1? They are a bi flimsy. The Fulla 2 is supposed to be a lot better.

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