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Any advice on buying iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tkalee, Sep 13, 2011.
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  1. tkalee
    Hi, iTouch users. After my wife got an iPhone with her new job, I've been wanting one for myself, but the monthly contracts for a smartphone here are ridiculous, and that’s put me right off the iPhone. However, the idea of getting an iPod Touch for music and apps and keeping my mobile for calls is appealing.
    However, that means I’ll likely never use the iPod Touch’s wireless functions, so I had a few questions for iTouch users:
    1. Is it possible to use apps that periodically need a net connection (e.g. an offline RSS reader, or a language learning app) without having wireless at home? My hope is that I would be able to plug the iPod Touch into my computer’s USB port and transfer files, data etc that way.
    2. What’s the SQ like? Will it be ok unamped with my 1964 Quads? I know some people reckon it sounds dry.
    Any answers or insights welcome!
  2. Yggdrassilious
    1. I guess you can make do without wifi at home. You can download the apps in iTunes and then sync. And for the times you do you can always go to a starbucks or mcdonalds
    2. Will it be okay umamped with the quads you ask? It's not even okay unmapped with the supplied ibuds. Try your wife's iPhone 4, and the iTouch 4 is about 60-70% of that. Very obvious and noticeable difference, though the general flavor is the same. If iPhone 4 is the classic coke then touch is like diet coke or coke zero. 
  3. tinyman392


    • No, unless they have an offline mode, you will not be able to tether your computers internet through a USB port.  There is away to use your computer's internet on the iPod though:

      This requires your computer to be connected to the internet through hard wire (EG, ethernet)
      Second requirement is that your computer has to have Wi-Fi capabilities (if it doesn't, but a Wi-Fi USB plugin for it)

      OK, what you do (directions for Windows 7/Vista):
      1. Control Panel > Network / Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network
      2. A popup will show up.  Scroll down and select to create a Wireless ad-hoc (computer to computer) network.
      3. Follow the steps to create the network how you want it set up.
      4. User your iPod to connect to that created network.
    • The SQ on the iPod is a little brighter, but not warm, cold and dry would be a decent word to describe it.  As for it running your 1964 Quads, it should be able to drive them decently, but you may want to also consider using an amp or LOD connection with your Quads.  The LOD connection has a different SQ than the headphone jack, it's warmer and more inviting.
    Hope this answers your questions. 
  4. Manyak


    I wouldn't run an iAnything without an LOD+amp. The headphone output's distortion sounds like complete crap.
  5. Redcarmoose
    Sounds like the OP got the answers.
    Get a leather case or some kind of case with a good stick-on screen protector. You will start to like the interface after awhile. Don't let it stay in the car or a lot of time in direct sun as it will diminish the battery life.
    Use 64 bit I-Tunes with a PC as it loads faster with no hiccups. 
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    My advice: WAIT!

    The iPhone5 is due shortly. A new Touch is soon to follow.

    One rumor says the next Touch will have 3G.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    i am in Tokyo and use an iPod touch 4G everyday for music, movies and PDf books on the train.
    It is good without an amp, but I have portable amps anyway that I use with LODs,  it puts more depth and sparkle on it.
    *windows or Mac?  - I transfer all my app stuff via USB syncing.(mac)
  8. Mkubota1 Contributor


    Yup.  http://www.gizmocrunch.com/rumors/8337-ipod-touch-5g-rumors 
    I bought the Touch a few months ago.  But if I were in the market today, I'd at least wait two more weeks when they're likely to make an announcement.
  9. cifani090
    I find the Classic to be better sounding, and less; oewwww i want to play with this app[​IMG]
  10. tkalee
    Thanks for all the replies, fellas. A lot to chew on. Thanks especially to those who suggested waiting for the 5g. Sounds like a plan...
    It's also nice to see a fellow expat in Tokyo. Can I ask, where did you get your LOD? Akihabara? And how is the Fiio e11? I've got the e7, but it just doesn't play well with my quads.

  11. ExpatinJapan
    LOD- I bought the audiotrak from bic camera shinjuku, and the fiio L9 from yodobashi camera shinjuku(I think bic camera has it too), the Qable LOD i got the specialist audio shop in Nakano Sunmall(3F)-they have clas and hifiman etc.
    Not impressed with the fiio E11, I would suggest getting something better.Its ok but gets muddy.
    Bic camera in shinjuku has a few portable amps, as does the Nakano shop. Both let you try them out.
    I considered an iphone too, but no point as i only text and call. I use the wifi on the touch for the odd check. mainly net at home.
    iphone/touch has EQu and equalizer apps, maybe try them on your wifes phone.
    any other questions i will try to answer. we need a Tokyo meet sometime.
  12. Achmedisdead


    That is a hopeless generalization of all iPods.....there is no distortion audible from my Touch 4G's headphone-out......even at max volume plugged into an AUX-IN jack on a stereo.
  13. Mkubota1 Contributor
    No complaints in regards to the sound out of my 4G Touch and 6G Nano.

    ExpatinJapan and tkalee, you guys should stop by the Headphone Festival in Aoyama on October 29th.  It's put on by Fujiya AVIC (where Expat got his LOD).  Here are pics from the last one they had in May: http://www.head-fi.org/t/553804/headphone-festival-2011-in-tokyo-may-7th-2011-photos-bandwidth-warning
    Maybe you guys could do a mini-meet beforehand or something.
  14. Manyak

    Well then I don't know what to tell you. On my iPhone4 it's definitely distorted - and it's supposed to be even better than the iTouch4 in IMD. Then there's also a severe roll-off and lack of definition in bass frequencies because it can't supply enough current for them on low-impedance phones (and doesn't have the power for high-impedance ones to begin with).

    It's impossible to miss.
  15. HeatFan12 Contributor


    Hello Manyak,
    I have listened to a few iDevices and have never encountered these problems.  Out of curiosity, what headphones were you using that caused these problems..?
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