Any advice for me? Lost my ER6i
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Sep 23, 2007
Lost it in a cab while i was getting off, TOGETHER with my ipod classic 80gb. It hurts so bad. Now i'm wondering whether i should get another er6i or look into something else.

Don't think i felt so much love for a gadget before. The only gripe i had about the ER6i was the lack of bass. I tried the um1, sf3 and both were kinda boomy for me. The clarity was, IMO, severely compromised as well..

I'm thinking of upgrading to another class of IEMs, like an er4p, but right now as i'm cash strapped, it'll be awhile before i get the money

Any comments?
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Aug 30, 2007
If you enjoyed the ER6i, the ER4P is an obvious upgrade and an excellent IEM. I would do this -- look for a used ER6i from someone here, on eBay, etc. Then start saving up for an ER4P. When you have enough cash, purchase the ER4P and sell your ER6i to help offset the cost of upgrading.

This way, you'll very quickly acquire a good-sounding IEM, that you already know you like, for a fairly small amount of money, but upgrade to an even better IEM sometime in the future when money isn't so tight.
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Oct 2, 2005
You could stay with the excellent Etymotics line and switch to a player that EQs more effectively, for a richer bass sound (of course, if you're committed to iTunes, this solution might be less desirable).

If you need a short-term solution for a player (so sorry about your loss in the cab -- ouch!), a 1GB or 2GB Sandisk Sansa Clip packs a big sound (EQs well, too) and will make a very good "second" player once you get another high-capacity player to replace your Classic. I've seen a 4GB Sony for around $109 in a Target store -- that should pack some richer sound than you are used to, so that could be an option, too.

But, back to the original topic, I once "side-graded" from an ER6 to an ER6i with Comply and/or Shure black foamies, and was very glad I did so. Another pair of ER6i's or an upgrade to the ER4's would be a pretty sure thing in your situation. (A very different -- bassier -- sound would be provided by the Future Sonics Atrio M5s, if you want something that conveys bass deeply but cleanly.)

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Short of cash but want something better than ER6i? Get iM716 and a cMoy/PA2V2. The combination should run you about $100.

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