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Ants in my Stax: should I worry?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mwilson, May 12, 2012.
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  1. MorbidToaster
    This is pretty brutal. 
    This just in: I now fear ants.
  2. Raser
    Once again my morning coffee is all over the house, thanks to head-fi.
    Im tired of these mother*****ing ants in my mother*****ing Stax!
    Yea but seriously i think there is nothing to worry about.
  3. charliex
    Just my two cents ... The 009's come with a gorgeous wooden case, suitable for display AND storing your headphones ...
    Now, in terms of your growing myrmecophobia, it's time to play the classic cult film "Them" from 1954.
  4. mwilson
    I keep the phones on a Woo stand, with the Stax plastic cover to protect from dust. 
    I am happy to report that the ants have disappeared, not only from the SR-009, but also from the rest of the audio rack. Second day in a row without rain, and no trace of ant to be found anywhere in the house. It's a shame; the whole last week I perhaps listened to 1 or 2 hours total, and now I've got a terrible cold with clogged sinuses so no listening anytime soon either. It just doesn't sound right under these conditions. I'm glad all my audio investment squandering is paying off [​IMG]
  5. theophile
    Ants on your Stax, or ants on your 'sack' :wink:
    Neither is desirable. 
  6. So Nick... did this get worse?
  7. Steve Eddy
    Judge for yourself:
  8. Oh dear... this thread is no longer amusing - its horrifying.
  9. sridhar3
    Dear god, that's terrifying.
  10. From a future Head-Fi FS listing:
    FS - Nature Lover's Stax 009 headphones
    It's hard to part with these but I'm one of those few crazy people who gets "freaked" out when lovable critters crawl around in my ear canal.  These Stax are lightly used and were kept fastidiously in their plastic cover the whole time.  These headphones are actually a multipurpose device, much like a Swiss army knife.  On the one hand they are a premium pair of headphones, on the other a home to some industrious little buggers who just won't quit.  Have you ever heard Aesop's fable about the ant and the grasshopper?  The ants know what is truly valuable - a pair of Stax 009 headphones.  Comes with all original accessories and an extra bottle of jam to keep the ants fed and content.  (The last thing you want is a society of ants rebellious from malnutrition in your Stax.)
    Please understand that these 009's are a one-in-a-kind pair.  No modder or tweaker could replicate the unique ecological set of circumstances that led to these Stax being chosen among all other Stax as a hub of commerce and social networking among another species.  As such, I truly can't settle for any less than $6,000 to pry them from my hands.  This pair is for serious collector's intent on the most exclusive and unique headphones available.  If you have to ask if you're a serious collector you probably aren't, because if you were you would have already PM'ed me.
    It is truly hard to let these go, but I do hope that their future users can appreciate them as much as I have.
    Oh, and they're fire ants by the way.
  11. mwilson
    This is my unedited frantic message last night to some fellow head-fi'ers:

    I am absolutely heartbroken. I've been sick over the last week or so, and got no listening time until this evening. Finally, on go the phones, music starts, then, in 20 seconds... wait, what's this thing on my finger? A small ant. In utter disbelief, I take the SR-009 off my head and look around. Nothing. Suspiciously, I look under the headphone stand, and notice what looks like tiny flakes, and dead ants. I look at the SR-009, still nothing. Except a tiny little white speck where the cable mount is. I blow on it, hoping it will get dislodged, and it did - but out now come tens of ants, if not over one hundred. Like Ellen Ripley in Aliens I realized in horror that I finally found the nest of ants - in my SR-009.
    I immediately put them in a ziploc and in the garage. I am disgusted and heartbroken at the same time - even if I bait them out, the nest must have a lot of residue in there.
  12. mwilson
    You mean this ad?
  13. Interested.  PM'ed, but only if you let me pay you more than you're asking.
  14. n3rdling
    Wow this sucks :frowning2:
  15. Steve Eddy
    And when I first read it, I thought you said you'd put them in a Ziploc and in the GARBAGE. yikes.gif
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