Antipodes Audio DX music server roon core, one mans unofficial guide down the rabbit hole.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Whazzzup, Jun 4, 2017.
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  1. Whazzzup
    So I am the only failure of hundreds of antipodes sold in Canada. Replacement unit is on its way. While bit perfect from the iMac is alright, the distinct note separation and yet one more vail lifted from the music is apparent. The value of do nothing is obvious, but if you can do, then one must.
    Going for a spa weekend to distract me from these first world trials and tribulations. Sigh.
    I must admit my hpa8 and la900 have never sounded so thunderous than from roon on my mac. Bit perfect took those bass grooves another notch, iTunes direct sounds awful now, my gosh the brain...
    Now that roon core is on my mac as well, I will switch cores to listen to the bass monster la900 so the hpa8 is off the market...:)
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  2. Whazzzup
    So this is the second response although no doubt of its sincerity, I want a new working unit....
    spoke at length with the Antipodes head designer and he is certain that it's the CMOS that's been scrambled and removing/replacing the battery will do the trick. The CMOS scramble can be caused by a power spike at just the right amplitude. Do you have the DS plugged into a line conditioner? If no, I suggest you do.

    My response is send me a new working unit I have a linear conditioner
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  3. Whazzzup
    Ok I have agreed to have the antipode rep Bruno come over and show me how to fix it, supposedly there is nothing wrong with the unit except that the cmos is scrambled....keep the blog updated with events.
  4. Whazzzup
    we are up and listening. Bruno from antipodes was very helpful in removing why i could not see the battery. So back into burn in mode, according to antipodes it takes 3 days to reach optimum quality, but jeez it seems there all ready.
  5. Whazzzup
    And its antip odeez. Huh who would a thunk.
  6. Whazzzup
    enrico coniglio album open to the sea title track scared the be jeez out of me. looking around what the frig was that sound, oh its the track. antip-odeez is magnificent.
  7. Whazzzup
    24 hours in and it just starts to get more crazy with detail. The distinct note and sharp roll off create the imagery of a music sea scape. salicornie topofinie vol 2 emphasizes this sonic detail and purity. The TT seems to be doing its part as well, offering some descent slam and a slight dark tone to what otherwise is a pure experience. The antipode and this experience over the last three years has lead me to a burgeoning library of a fairly descent size, and cost. No high res tho, I'm sure I'm missing but the lower cost and availability are hard to beat.
  8. Whazzzup
    so after 3 days,listening just on demand, yes the sound does get better on antipodes. fuller, rounded, authority picks up a smudge. overall a little more enjoyable. getting more familiar with roon, but still just pecking away at the obvious. Its a good way to learn about your library but if you step away from the obvious established genres, there is a ton more info needed in the discover section. Cant imagine where I could go from here, how could i dig my rabbit hole deeper? well there is a susvara loner test to be done in the next week. Just to see if the warmth will complement my hd800S. But no interest in digging this hole right now. Course there could be a head fi poster suggestion some day.
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  9. Whazzzup
    Side blog to the antipode blog but should be a fascinating trip. picking up susvara on the weekend as a loner, will be fun to see how this server sounds through them. then next week getting hugo2 on the canada tour. so will have a fun week unhooking hooking up the system adding ch1, ch2, TT, hd800S, susvara, and my favourite iem, encore. some through roon core on antipode, some through roon core on my iMac, and a lot of ch1 ch2 through my phone cck to those dacs, since i use hugo exclusively as a portable.
    In the meantime dominik eulberg perlmutt sounding good through the pehdeez, sharp and clear, i think you have to like clarity and transparency but with my system of TT,GSX,DHC,800S thats exactly what I'm after, looking forward to the susvara to see if the warmth i heard at the meet is transferable.
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  10. Whazzzup
    Well folks keep reading this thread I'm glad it is providing some service. The antip o deez is keep in on keep in on. Been through a few roon updates and backed up the ds GT via a super fast USB stick 250 gig. I have a measly 125 gig of tunes at present. It does take a long time to back up tho. Not that it's an issue. You can go to my antipodes and manage the network including backups and watch your library.
    I really want a music visualizer so put in an email to aeon to see if an external server can be visualized on my mac using roon remote. Roon community thinks yes put I don't know how.
    Any thoughts?
  11. Whazzzup
    just downloaded some hi res flac 192 24 bit albums. Diana krall and astrud gilberto and the dsgt has hit another level of playback joy. Im screwed now and this rabbit hole will get dug at twice the cost of iTunes files. Bugger tho its good sound
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  12. Whazzzup
    Well dsd 64 are mother files. Shelby Lynn sounds fantastic tho, full, intimate, nuanced. Like she is in my studio with full set up. I'm going to take a pause from hi res, thoughts of power regenerators, new dacs or headphones. Time to just enjoy and live in the moment. The world will rush forward and at some point I might try to hop back on. Till then, my bubble with a little rose petals drops on it, will do just fine.
  13. Whazzzup
    johnny blue, some smokes, hi res of run with the jewels 3, it doesn't get better than this... antipodes man roon me baby
  14. Whazzzup
    Its been awhile and my feelings have not changed, i can't imagine going back to iTunes on the iMac or even roon on the mac. I enjoy the shopping of tunes using mac, but after dropping them on my antipodes, thats where it ends.
    Good thing i watched how to remove that battery by the antipodes rep, We have had a particularly electrifying summer here with a couple of sever power micro outages after strikes. It has scrambled the cmos twice now, so no problems here. I guess i need to run my network cable through my furman conditioner power bar, as I believe thats where the spike is coming from, the ethernet cable. Not that there is a problem but one does introduce a new variable into your stream, the network. So its not completely mindless in that one may need to reboot your network occasionally as one normally does, so you may need to reboot antipodes, roon remote etc.. but by in large simple stuff, excellent sound. The most impressive edition to my audio network for sure, its a luxury item for sure, but sometimes only all leather will do.
  15. Whazzzup
    well to its potential final adenum, we may be marching. Looks like the ds gt is no more as of september 1 2017 it has been replaced by a DS core with advancements around the usb but also some additional ethernet connections going on. Any rate one can always peruse the antipodes audio site for the deets.
    Time marches on and whats new is old again. Course I still believe that music servers are the most logical component to start your audio chain....
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