Antipodes Audio DX music server roon core, one mans unofficial guide down the rabbit hole.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Whazzzup, Jun 4, 2017.
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  1. Whazzzup
    Okay I'm happy using my iMac 5k 3 terabyte computer via audio quest jitterbug and high end usb to my dacs, but is there a better HDD streamer that could hold all my iTunes lossless files that would transfer a higher quality file than 320 kps that i use currently. I don't use high res files or DSD but of course want to keep all my options opened. It has to carry many hundreds of gigs and have a good interface. lets say price is not a factor.
    Again I'm happy using my iMac but am i missing something in the hardware area. Of course any chimes about software is also appreciated.
    Im currently using hpa8 for my la900 and chord TT to gsx mk2 for my hd800S if that matters.
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  2. Whazzzup
    Bump, so is this a non sequitur? there is no better device other than my mac?
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  3. bilboda
    So, you wanna stream.Keep your mac for storage. get a raspberry pi. Add a 502dac shield and get an ifi power supply. Install Logitech Media Server on your MAC (it's free). Install picoreplayer on your pi. It runs in ram and it's free. Hook up ethernet, your power cord and either a a coax to spdif, straight coax or 1/4 trs balanced to aes to your dac. You are in on the cheap and see if this doesn't beat the mac.
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  4. Whazzzup
    Wow thx, seems a little diy for my twit apple bred brain. Although I googled the components I was more leaning to an all in one solution say naim ndx or preferably something even higher than 24 bit 196 like min 32 bit 384 or even better 64 bit archetecture, but I dunno, kinda dumb in these matters.
  5. bilboda
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  6. Whazzzup
    Soooo, after further research, for any one interested in the topic of high quality desktop player/ servers, I'm now looking into antipodes audio dsgt.
    This is one down from the flagship dx
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  7. Peter Hyatt
    thanks for the link here from H2.

    I'm uncertain as to where to go next for music. I am slowly picking up used or discounted CDs and burning them as Apple lossless in MacBook pro. This while paying for TIDAL and wondering when/if to pull the plug.

    I've got much to learn.
  8. ecapsretliab
    I've purchased a cheap mini PC from Alibaba to complement my ISO REGEN / Hugo2 setup, and I have lots of tweaks in mind. It will be a slow fingers-crossed project...

    I couldn't stomach the cost of pre-built servers.
  9. jcn3
    Why are you streaming at 320k if you've got lossless files? Stream at bit perfect rates -- any player can do that with the right settings.
  10. uzi2
    The above is 10x the price of the Auralic Aries to perform essentially the same function. The only drawback in my mind is the lack of a dedicated Android app for the Aries, but I know it can be made to work with BubbleUPnP.
    I tend to use a DAP (TheBit Opus#1) connected by a short TOSlink to Hugo and a long connect between Hugo and amp. I use a fixed level on the amp and control volume with Hugo. Should I wish to stream from my NAS, I can use the AK100ii.
    With the Hugo2 in mind, the best solution is likely to be the Hugo2poly when it arrives.
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  11. AndrewH13
    Question is, will an Aries feeding a Hugo II sound better than a DAP?

    I'm currently using Fiio X5 and iBasso DX90 via coax to Hugo I. Have used both Daps to a Hugo II (show) and Hugo TT (loan for review). Would a server or streamer offer improved sound quality?

    Love to hear from someone who has an Aries, or Naim streamer who also has compared with a DAP into the same DAC.
  12. uzi2
    It shouldn't do. In theory the Hugo is being fed the same bits. I think it comes down to ease of use and if you are buiding a Hugo2 into your home system, the Aries will be better suited.
    All the branded streamers will obviously match your other gear, but they all seem way overpriced and all of them have a built in DAC which is wasted on us.
    My surround receiver (Marantz) will stream audio with a somewhat ugly interface, but it has no digital out, so I can't use it with Hugo.
    Another option is to use a media streamer, but they are always geared towards video. I use a Popcorn Hour 410 to stream 5.1 flacs, dts etc. Whilst in theory it is possible to use this to feed Hugo, it's library system cannot cope with the extent of my stereo collection.
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  13. Whazzzup
    With the antipodes system you use roon core bit perfect. Your library is ripped or transferred unto the GT ds antipodes super quiet ssd and plays via hd USB to my TT or whatever dac you have.
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  14. Whazzzup
    The auralic mini plus linear power supply is not ten times less than GT and the Aries which could be a comparable is 2.25 times less cost, that is true. The software on auralic is something to be desired and the antipodes system runs roon core.
    Quiet is the mantra with whisper ssd drives and solid tech, I'll post a link on research.
    Although there was a kerfuffle on software upgrade this in 2017 stock is rectified.
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  15. Whazzzup
    Naim is not good in that I found they all have dacs, that's bypassed so you are paying about the same price for tech you don't need. Auralic according to the reps I talked to dont like the software , antipodes audio from New Zealand is about one thing and one thing only using roon core, play bit perfect tunes as quietly and as true to form as possible....
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