Answered: When viewing subscribed threads, no longer a way to filter out "read" threads?
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Im wondering the same. There must be an option or indicator we're missing because I can't imagine they would purposefully make the site more difficult and less likely to use. Would they?!?
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Yeah, where are my subbed threads? I logged in and found nearly 100 disparate alerts despite not being that active anymore. I just need to view threads that I've subbed to.

Maybe I'm blind but I cannot for the life of me find a list of threads that I'm subbed to.

Edit - Oh forget it - I've found it.

This is just change for change sake
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You can go to New Posts and apply filters to see your watched content:

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Ah, the option to save default does help.

One that is unfortunate though is that you can't leave that tab open and just refresh it. The four-digit character that is suffixed to the URL means that if you reload the page, it doesn't pick up new content. You would have to either delete that and navigate to just /whats-new/posts/

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