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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by sawafish, Aug 13, 2008.
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  1. SawaFish
  2. Brenny
    I have just recived a Predator from Anouk..and it was my great fortune to have my first dealings on Headfi with Anouk..I found her very informative,honest,and much more than helpful..I could'nt praise her more..An all round wonderful person.
  3. Stuee
    Anouk was a genuine pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
    Extremely polite and helpful, and completely trustworthy.
    If everyone conducted themselves like this the internet would be perfect! :)

    Thanks Anouk, all the best.
    Regards, Stuee
  4. wkwlb
    Sold a pair of DT880 to Anouk, prompt payment and communication. thumb up and recommend to everyone here.

  5. HiFight77
    I purchased a Qable Silver cab mini-mini from Anouk.

    She's really a nice person and trustworthy, Great Communication, Very Fast Shipment, Transaction went smooth.

    The cable was just as she described it, and at a really great price. Also, it was carefully packaged, and I received it within days. Items were in absolute mint condition.

    I would NEVER hesitate doing any future transactions with Anouk.

    Thanks Anouk !!!
  6. denniscarrie
    Sold the Imod and Iqube and the ALO Cryo X Silver imod cable to Anouk

    She is a very good person and great communication...

    Good buyer,will do any tracsactions in the future with Anouk

  7. arteom
    Bought Anouk's Beyerdynamic DT-880 (600ohm). Very good communication, fasth delivery, smooth transaction. Highly recommended!!

    Thanks Anouk,
  8. Brenny
    I have just recieved my Grados from Anouk ..This is my second buy from her and I would like to tell all who read this that she is one of the most honorable people I have ever delt with..Quick to reply and very very helpful..nothing seems to be any trouble..Thank you so much Anouk...
  9. Bonthouse Contributor
    I bought an AKG K81DJ from Anouk. Was a pleasure to deal with! Great communication, fast response. I got the headphones exactly as described.
    Highly recommended seller[​IMG]
  10. anadin
    I sold Anouk a pair of Sony MDR-SA5000 headphones.

    Extremely pleasant and polite to deal with, I cannot recommend this Head-fier enough.
  11. Philski
    Bought my SR71a from Anouk, very happy indeed with the transaction. She is very communicative and honest, highly recommended by me!
  12. eddie78
    Bought a SA5000 from Anouk. Good deal and great communication. WOuld definitely do business again. Recommended head-fier!
  13. gBruce
    Wonderful sale to me of a great product.....Amouk was conscientious, communicative, and rapid in the transaction...and I am happy with my purchase ffrom her..Would gladly do other deals with her in the future..
  14. Kees
    Anouk bought my Kenwood K1000. Smooth and ultra fast operation [​IMG]
  15. Tiemen
    Anouk was so kind to lent me her Kenwood KH-K1000.
    Much appreciated
    She's a very friendly and generous person.
    Thanks Anouk!
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