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Another "What to buy around $100" Please help!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by camgriff, Sep 16, 2012.
  1. camgriff
    I am looking at Fostex t50rp's that are modded already which are on the higher end of my price range. I really like the looks of them and have read some good things about them. I have also been looking at Creative Aurvana Live headphones i like the looks of those. I have JVC HA s600's and they sound pretty good to me, though i am no audiophile. I also have some sennheiser in-ear headphones which are decent. I dont care much if my new cans are travel friendly since i already have phones for that purpose but it cant hurt. I am not able to do any modding myself i just dont have the time. I am open to all suggestions and will appreciate any input. I listen mostly to 90s hiphop and i like jazz as well. Very big miles davis fan. I do like bass. I will just be using these phones with my ipod, computer, and plugged into my receiver.
  2. MusicTurtle
    I would just save the money and put them towards your future modified fostex purchase.
  3. camgriff
    So you recommend the fostex? I could get them now its just i didn't know if the 160 asking price could be better used on another specimen 
  4. camgriff
    Thanks guys
  5. potatoos
    Did you make a purchase, or are you still in need of some guidance?

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