Another request thread! I'm looking for IEMs
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Jul 3, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm looking for warm and forward/aggressive noise-isolating IEMs for about $100. I love soundstage and detail (especially in mids/highs), so a good soundstage and detail is also needed. Also, I dont mind replacing the stock silicon earbuds for foamies or whatever for noise isolation as long as the replacements are easy to find.
And as a thank you, I'll be sure to do an in-depth review on the IEMs after I buy them if you guys can recommend to me what i want!
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RE0 would have the detail but not the soundstage.  I've heard the IE8 is soundstage king, but its out of your price range.
My suggestion, and just my opinion:
If detail is more important:  RE0
Soundstage:  IE6
I have never heard the IE6 though, so take that with a grain of salt.
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Hmm i considered the RE0's but from what I've heard the mids are recessed and laid-back, and I'm looking for aggressive and forward IEMs. What do you guys think about the RE0 in terms of how warm it is and it's aggressiveness?
Also, why is the RE0 ranked #2 in ALL headphones, right under the HD800?? What makes them so good?
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Sunrise Xcapes could be described as "aggressive and forward", but with decent balance overall after they've burned in for 75-100 hours.
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Sunrise SW Xcape will be perfect for you. It sounds quite balance with just a little bit forward mid and high, but the bass can still be heard and feel. You can hear every frequencies clearly.

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