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Another "Recommend me a gaming headset" thread

  1. SecrtAgentMan
    Hi all,

    First off I've read through Mad Lust Envy's recommendations but I thought I'd seek some extra guidance.

    I'm looking for a headset and I'm coming from a set of Hyper X Cloud Alphas but I just feel that they are not what I'm looking for. I have trouble positioning people and I feel that things such as footsteps get muddied behind excessive bass and very loud/sharp gunfights. So for me soundstage and imaging are fairly high up on my list of things needed.


    - Can connect it to my Xbox One with a Modmic attached
    - Maximum of $200
    - Prefer closed back since noise isolation is important to me (sound leaking in from family and out), okay with open back but would enjoy some bass to really feel explosions and such (DT 770s seem the best for this but for a gaming competitively on these I've heard is not great)
    - Could possibly work with the Astro Mixamp or any other mixamp that can connect to my Xbox

    Does anyone have experience with the Cloud Alphas vs something like the DT 770s?
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  2. Dulalala
    Pretty much any headphone will work with a ModMic. As far as I can see from the Astro Mixamp, it uses either 4 poles or 3 poles. All you need to do is get any headphone and use one of those cables those headphone and mic cable joiners (like this https://www.amazon.com/Headset-headsets-separate-headphone-microphone/dp/B004SP0WAQ).

    If you're looking for bass and soundstage, the DT770 or DT990 is probably your best bet. Though I have to say that the DT770 aren't very "noise isolating" either even though they're closed backed.

    I personally use the AD900X for gaming but then again, I'm not exactly a competitive gamers and the AD900X doesnt have much bass either. When it comes to closed back choices, you limit your options pretty significantly.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Sennheiser HD598CS or Audio Technica ATH-A990Z.
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