another giveaway - crossroads x3i iems + crossroads portable amp
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Dec 21, 2007
giving away the crossroads x3i iems and the portable amp from crossroads. both have around 150 hours on them. they are both in excellent condition. the amp has a little mark on the top left but that was the way i received it. it is only a cosmetic flaw, doesnt affect the sound.

following items are included with the crossroads iem - airplane adapter, 5 pairs of tips from crossroads (s, m, l and 2 sizes of biflanges) and 2 pairs of tips from sony from an old iem i purchased. crossroads tips are clear white, sonys are black and noticeably softer. also comes with a hard shell carrying case.

they have been sitting around for almost 2 weeks now since i last used them so i thought, might as well give them away so someone else could use them. they were originally given to me by tyrion after canjam as part of the left over stash from the oodles of gear uncle wilson had brought with him.

as with all the other giveaways i suggest a contest of sorts as well. following are the rules.

1. post ONE funny picture or a lulz (quote/short rhyme/something from the news/misprint - anything worth going "lol" over). one only per post please.

2. post only once. while multiple posts wont better your chances of winning, they will only make life harder for me.

3. the winner is requested to pay the shipping. it is not "required" but will be greatly appreciated as it shall help me save up for a pair of headphones that i might actually listen to (currently at the mercy of ibuds

4. conus only please. (see above point) while i dont mind shipping overseas, i certainly cant afford to ship overseas on my own, besides it would be a lot cheaper to order them directly from jaben.

5. to be considered for the giveaway you must have at least 100 posts AND must have been a member for at least a month.

6. contest will end at 12am sunday night eastern standard time.

7. at which time not one but two semi finalists shall be picked and they shall be allowed to post ONE final lulz for the final winner.

8. the winner will be requested to write a review (doesnt have to be extremely detailed but at least have some kinda meat to it). there isnt as much literature on these iems, and they do deserve it.

enjoy, and let the games begin

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Mar 13, 2008
I don't take credit for making this, but I do think it's sort of funny.

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Originally Posted by crappyjones123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
sure its not a crazy amazing cd player but no one wants free stuff anymore? this saddens me

heres to moving things along...


want me to post soem more lulz?

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