Another drop in the Sennheiser bucket
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Jan 12, 2008
I got HD600s a while ago and liked them a lot, but after doing more reading thought 595s might actually be more my speed. So I bought them...and I hate them. I'm only running the 600s out of a Total Bithead, too. There is just no bass, no extension, no LIFE to the 595s, in my opinion. Yes, the highs are maybe a tad bit clearer but it sounds unnatural. The only thing they might do better is the soundstage, a bit "higher" perhaps, but when I put the 600s on that's the last thing I think about. The 595s just kinda sound fake to me. Anyone else have this experience?
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Wel, the 595 is basically a mid-range product compared to the 580/600, you just went the wrong way
. The 595 does do better at positioning imo, great for gaming and movies.
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I have to agree with Sneis. You went down the hill so to speak. The 580/600 are a tough can to beat and there are even Head-Fier's that prefer them over the 650.
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I didn't like the 595s either. I really didn't like the upfront sound, and I got the dreaded veil, so it sounded to me like you were right up next to the stage, except you were ducked under an alcove or covered by a curtain or something, which was every bit as bad as it sounds.

I've seen people say the A900s sound like a closed 595, but I do not agree, I love the A900 sound, and hate the 595s. I actually tried the A900s on a whim, as I got a nice deal by buying both of them from someone (I had the HD555s and wanted to see if the 595s were worth the upgrade). I got rid of both Sennheisers after comparing all three (where the 595s sounded like a more refined 555 to my ears).
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Thanks for the comments. I realized the 595s were a downgrade, I just figured with my very modest amp I might get more "value" out of them. While I'm sure the 600s will only get better with higher-end equipment, they sound pretty good to me right now.

The only thing is I think the 595s might be some of the best-looking phones on the market right now. If they could just combine their looks with the 600's sound it would be perfect to me.

Now I just have to get rid of the 595s and put the money toward a better amp...ah, the eternal dilemma.

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