Annual New Jersey Meet -- Saturday July 24th
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Jan 22, 2006
That does sound like a great setup Mark.  The Jersey meets have always been a good time and, don't tell Aaron, I much prefer that Macaroni Grill to the Diners in Queens.
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Mar 29, 2002

That does sound like a great setup Mark.  The Jersey meets have always been a good time and, don't tell Aaron, I much prefer that Macaroni Grill to the Diners in Queens.

Me to

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Jan 24, 2005
This is shaping up to be a great meet. 
With just about a month until the meet, I searched for some gear to contribute to the raffle. 
For your consideration is:
A Realistic discrete 5-band equalizer. I bought this 2 years ago at a VERY eventful thrift-store shopping spree on my birthday. (see footnote for story) I played it for a little while in my system, and quite enjoyed adjusting the levels on the fly. Its quite fun! I recapped it about a year and a half ago because thats how I roll. I stopped using it about 9 months ago because I got a digital equalizer. It includes the manual which has a full schematic.


[size=9pt]It was my birthday and I was bored so I dragged my sister out to the local thrift store. I like to go there and rummage for old audio gear (and clearly it pays off) So we get there and as always I make a dash for the electronics section and I see this EQ sitting there on the shelf amidst the DVD, VHS, betamax, and CD players. What fun. I also saw a very cool looking kenwood integrated amp. So there is this lady looking at the electronics stuff and I hang back for about 3 minutes while she flips everything over, checks for remotes, etc. Somewhere in the middle of her foraging she starts talking to a Mexican guy. I assumed from the way he was smiling and nodding that he didn't speak much English or perhaps he was just acting like that but it didn't even slow her down. She is going on about how you have to look for certain things, and this and that is better than such and such... It was about this time I realized she was clinically insane. I think the Mexican guy figured it out well before, even if he didn't speak English as he was beginning to look quite nervous - she was after all holding a conversation with him. The Mexican guy started to wander off down the aisle away from my prize and she followed, cart in tow (I gotta say, the aisles at this thrift store are only about 9” wider than a shopping cart). I cautiously approached the shelves with the electronics and quickly looked over the objects of my desire. JUST as I was about to reach out and pick them up she comes charging back down the aisle like an angry bull. Remember the aisles are shy of 3ft wide, so I would have no room to maneuver if she continued her charge and tried to trample me. So I'm standing there with nowhere to run and she says "whoa there sunny, were not done here. Me and this guy are having an American, Mexican thing" pointing back and forth between herself and him. Im not really sure what that means, but apologized, and took a few steps back. There was a cowboy looking guy behind me who was probably also looking at the electronics, a real tough looking guy I say. He of course saw this whole thing, and turned and ran. It was at this time that I saw her trying to figure out where I was looking, and what I wanted. I looked deliberately at a VHS player with a terribly scratched face and some buttons that were clearly bashed in. Somewhere in the few seconds this encounter lasted the Mexican guy took off. Exactly as I had guessed, she blocked the electronics shelf, took "my" VHS player plopped it in her cart and wandered off. Knowing that opportunity knocks but once I scooped up the EQ & the integrated amp, and ran in the opposite direction that the lady went. I found my sister looking randomly at the clothing and said we have to go NOW! We get to the register and the lady comes around the corner towards the dressing room. I try not to look at her, but cant help it as she is causing a scene. I pay the dude quickly and as I'm exiting the store I hear the manager talking to the police.[/size]
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Nov 19, 2008
now THAT is a story :D 
i'll rummage through my collection and see what I can scrounge up.  I think i have an audio-gd power cable - if i still have it, i'll gladly donate. 
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Apr 7, 2010
Wow, I agree that is quite a story!
I had no idea people do that.  But that's pretty smart of the lady.  And smarter yet that you caught on to it as fast as you did.  I'm amazed you want to give those up when you have such an amusing story that goes along with it.
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Mar 18, 2002
Received the Exemplar modded Oppo today, and if timing works out, I will have the HE-6 with me running out of 
the Dared VP300B speaker taps. I am using a single 4-pin Neutrik so the HE-5(LE's) and the K1000's will also work out of 
the amp. I will bring my HM-801 for Troggy, and if still needed, my 13" MacBook Pro for Johnny Numbers.
If Audioze acts fast enough, I will also have a new pair of LCD-2's, but it would have to play out of someone else's amp
since all I'm bringing is the Dareds.
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Jun 27, 2010
A jug handle?  Back when I haunted the corridors of northern jersey, (Precambrian era of 1970-80) heading east past the locale of the current Ramada brought you to one of the finest examples of the clover leaf junction ever imagined by a civil engineer.  Sandoz on the right, creators of saccharine and LSD.
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Jan 26, 2004
Hmmm.... A meet within driving range. I'm in, if you'll have me. Let me know if you want me to do my usual Not So Silent Auction. It's more of a New York tradition, but I'm willing. I'll start looking for tasty stuff to donate.
At this point I'm not sure what I'd bring, I'll ruminate on it.
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Jan 24, 2005
[size=xx-large]from the archives of SiBurning, many contributors.[/size]
What should I expect at a meet? (courtesy of upstateguy)

As I was reminded before my first meet: this is a "meet," not a trade show and the members make the meet (lol, that sounds funny to me). So you are encouraged to bring some gear. The range will run the gamut, which is what makes it so cool--from budget to top-of-the-range; from portable to massive. And make sure to bring some of your own cans so you can try out different sources, amps, etc. Of course there will be many different headphones there, but it's great to be able to plug your own into some of the rigs to really hear the difference a component can make.

Tips for Newbies

Personal Hygene is important.

  1. Wash your hair and your ears--and behind your ears.
  2. Clean out your ears so you can hear better.
  3. If you clean the canal with peroxide, do it a few of days before the meet--give those stray waxed klingons time to leave.
  4. Don't forget the deodorant (THIS goes for Oldtimers as well). Baby powder & cologne are not adequate substitutes.
  5. With all the gear & other members, it gets warm in the room. Dress accordingly.

The most important thing of all is to have fun.

  1. Meets are Great, so be prepared to have a great day with fellow Head-fi members.
  2. Bring whatever gear you want. If you don't have any, thats OK. Just bring your ears.
  3. You can try whatever gear you want.
  4. If you have any questions about gear, look for the owner and ask. Or just ask whoever's listening (after they're done).
  5. Everyone is very friendly and will be glad to answer you.
  6. Most of us know each other for some time now so dont think that people are ignoring you... unless you didnt take a shower before the meet and smell.
  7. Do not be shy.
  8. Mingle.
  9. You will find everyone to be very friendly & helpful.
  10. Most of all enjoy yourself & take the opportunity to hear gear you normally wouldn't get a chance to, or are thinking of buying.

Get organized.

  1. Take a mental (or written) list of what you want to hear. If do this before the meet, leave some time to look around and listen to some surprises.
  2. You'll be overwhelmed with the amount of gear that will be at the meet.
  3. Read the impressions thread afterwards. You'll realize you missed listening to something you wanted to hear.
  4. Time Flies at these meets.

Remember that you're trying out another member's gear.

  1. Treat all gear with the utmost respect.
  2. Ask if you're not sure how to operate any gear, or you're just curious about the system setup.
  3. Some gear is really, really, really, really expensive.
  4. Other gear... the owner only thinks it's precious. Respect the owner's wishes.
  5. Give it all the velvet cushion treatment.
  6. If you have any doubt or questions, ask.
  7. Do not place headphones on top of other gear--if you're not sure where to put it, ask the owner.
  8. Do not remove any gear from a setup without the owner's permission.
  9. Do not remove any cables or make any other changes to the setup without the owner's permission.
  10. If you do take gear away from a table, or borrow cables, adapters, or power strips, try to remember where you got it from, and bring it back when you're done. In all the excietement, it's easy to forget where you got that 1/8" to 3.5mm headphone adapter. I know. I managed to misplace 3 at my first meet.
  11. If you listen loud remember to lower the volume for the next person.
  12. If you don't know or are just curious about something, ask someone. Anyone. Someone knows, or knows someone who knows.

If you're bringing gear

The more equipment we have, the more everyone gets exposed to, that otherwise wouldn't be available to them.
At a minimum, everyone needs to bring their own power strip, and probably an extension cord. Extras are also needed, so if you have any extra, please bring them. Don't forget to pack them and bring them with you.
You might want to set up a card or something by your gear with your name on it so people know whose gear is on the table. For portable gear especially, you might want to label every piece of gear. People will walk around with your portable equipment (hopefully after asking permission), especially to test it out in combination with other gear. Not that we've had any serious problems, but there's usually someone with an extra or missing cable when we're busy trying to break down.
Packing & transporting your gear can be a challenge. Good luck with that. If you have tips, please share them by private message with SiBurning, or post in the Meet thread (here).

Misc. Tips

  1. Look for the name badges and stick one on. If you don't see them, ask. Or bring your own. It's nice to know who's who. You can write you head-fi name, your real name, or both.

Keep it quiet

Here's one additional etiquette request, which will probably go unheeded, but I'll throw it out anyway. Some people go to meets to hear the gear; some go to schmooze with friends old and new; some go to do both. It's all good. However, in the past, I've found it hard to hear what I was listening to because there was so much yak in the room. Obviously, some talk revolves aroung a particular piece of gear and needs to take place there. But would it be possible for pure meeting, greeting, old times and chit-chat to move to an adjacent space? In other words, can we try to keep it kinda quiet so those who are auditioning gear can hear the subtle nuances that differentiate the Tung Sol with the green getter from the pinched-waist Amperex?
For additional tips, see the Meeting suggestions thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to attend. Do I need to register or do anything else to attend? No, Just show up. We like to keep the "official" NYC meets open to all members. We do recommend you post to the Main meet thread to let us know you're coming. We're getting pretty big, and might need to organize shifts or impose some rules just to fit in the space we rent. Is registration required for other meets? Meets are organized by the members who host them. The rules are whatever the members decide upon. Some meets require an invitation, if only because space is limited. Mini-meets are usually small and organized over a few days, usually hosted in a cafe or someone's home, so you can't just show up for those. Can I bring a friend? Sure, within limits. We're always happy to attract others to our addiction. Please make sure they understand the basic tips, especially about treating equipment with respect. If you have controllable, quiet kids, they're always a welcome addition. But, please, leave the pack at home. We don't even have space for the regular members. One solution is to plan to stay for a short while, and be flexible and willing to wait if the room is crowded. I personally will clear out for a good long few smokes to make room. Who pays for the meet? We'll be passing the hat to pay for the room. Any money left over will go to support the head-fi web site. Donations are welcome (at the door) to cover the cost of hall, but are not necessary to attend. Can I buy gear at the meets? Generally not. The meets are primarily for members to share their gear and ideas: to give other members a chance to audition gear they wouldn't otherwise be able to hear. Manufacturers are encouraged to bring their gear to show off, and while they're welcome to bring product for sale, meets aren't a sales forum, they're a listening forum. The National meet is an exception. We purposely encourage large vendors to attend and offer products for sale there. I make gear. Can I attend and bring gear for sale? You're welcome to come and show off your gear. If you have product for sale, you're welcome to bring it. There are no restrictions. Just remember this is primarily a listening forum. Focus on letting people audition your gear, and keep the marketing to the side. Don't expect too many or even any sales at a meet. Do I have to bring gear? No. If you have no gear or just can't bring it for whatever reason, just bring your ears. Don't leave your headphones at home just because they're crappy and think noone else wants to hear them. It might be helpful for you to use them to compare with something familiar. Is my gear safe? Do I need to watch it all the time? Maybe we've been lucky, but most head-fi members would agree that the head-fi community is trustworthy and you can leave your gear unguarded at a meet. So far noone's lost any gear at a meet except little things like cables, adaptors, and CDs. These inevitable get mixed up by accident. You might want to clearly label your cables and adapters so people don't forget and pack it by accident when they break down. If you're concerned, watch your gear, or ask someone you trust to watch it. If you do lose something, just post in the meet impression thread. There's a good chance you'll get it back.

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