Announcing the Launch of the SUSVARA

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  1. TeamHiFiMAN

    Fans of HIFIMAN may have been fortunate to have seen and heard our latest products at various events around the globe. While it has seemed an eternity, we are happy to announce that the wait is over. The sweetly voiced, melodious and harmonious sounding SUSVARA is now available as we celebrate a decade of the planar renaissance.


    SUSVARA is the spiritual successor to the legendary HE6 and keeping in that spirit, it is a Planar Magnetic headphone that pushes the boundaries of what a Planar can do. Representing the very finest planar magnetic technology and performance from HIFIMAN, it should only be paired with a comparable amplifier, one able to unlock all that SUSVARA is capable.


    SUSVARA and EF1000, both crafted by HIFIMAN with each other in mind, are perfect complements or what we call Planar Perfection.

    Happy listening.

    Purchase SUSVARA:

    EF1000 is now available to pre-order. Contact the HIFIMAN team for details:
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  2. isquirrel
    At that price we need the best performance and reliability, there will zero tolerance for reliability issues or poor sound quality.
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  3. geomaso44
    When Susvara V2 can be expected for preordering, any details on potential upgrade program from Susvara V1?
    Also, isn't Susvara V1 too much of a bargain given that SHANGRI-LA V1 costs 50K? I don't want to screw you guys, would feel bad for underpaying.
  4. TeamHiFiMAN
    There should be no issues on either front there, They do need power to sound their best but aside from that I would hope and expect there to be no issues.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  5. auricgoldfinger
    How much power do they need? What is the power output of the EF1000 amp?
  6. Nbe9
    From their website the power output for the EF1000 is:
    @TeamHiFiMAN do you know when/if reviewers will get a sample, eg Innerfidelity (want to see the measurements).
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  7. auricgoldfinger
    The EF1000 headphone output for 35Ω Load is 20w. The Susvara impedance is 60Ω.

    @TeamHiFiMAN please do the math for me: How much power is required to drive the Susvara?
  8. briant4pres
    Nope nope nope nope nope
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  9. Kalavere
    I think the HE-1000 will be my last headphone from HiFiMAN, their headbands really aren't built to last. I don't think that's acceptable for a £2000+ headphone.
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  10. alota
    now i´m more relaxed that susvara is in the market. good sell
  11. Eudis
    Wew lads.

    Welcome to the era of ridiculous pricing.

    This thing better be near perfect or i will laugh and laugh and laugh like no tomorrow
  12. reddog
    I hope who ever gets these puppies enjoys them, however I just can not justify spending that much lol. It seems the ceiling for luxury headphones keeps getting higher and higher. I thought $4000to $4500 was the new ceiling but Iguess I was wrong.
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  13. Soundsgoodtome
    And I thought the hek were overpriced with it's questionable build... Lol At this price warranty needs to be 5 years or 3 years and a jump up in build quality/quality control.

    And to think Hifiman used to be that company that provided sub $1k headphones new (HE400, HE4, HE500) that competed with $1000-$2000 headphones with very little loss in SQ over the competition. The HE4, which looking at the graph now is what they derived the HE560 from it seems, competed with the HD800 IMO for $400. This was when the HD800 were commanding $1600 new.

    Now Hifiman is that company that will offer $3000-$6000 headphones... maybe they're working the books to sell the company off?
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  14. Dillan
    Super disappointed in Hifiman. When will this trend of ridiculous priced flagships come to an end? Or at the very least slow down a little bit. What justifications do they have for that pricing?

    At least other companies put in years of R&D before they release their top of the line model.. Hifiman pumps theirs out pretty quickly and routinely it seems. HEK v1 HEK v2 now this?

    Being a Chinese company also means they have access to super cheap build materials, I think their return on investment for this headphone will be insane.

    Before Jude or anyone else gets upset about all the talk of pricing (like he did in the Utopia and MSB threads), if you want to talk more in depth about this - please refer to my thread here:
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  15. bfreedma
    I hope this headphone sounds dramatically better than it did a few months ago at the Philly meet. The headphone was a mess then - poor balance and weak bass.

    Either way, $6k USD? For HFM "quality" construction? Not for me, thanks.
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